The Sisters are still using the command center. Their powers are still stripped though Macy still has her demon powers. Maggie has a job at Safe Space which currently allows them to have access to the command center. They are, well Harry and Macy are, trying to save witches. Mel is trying to find a way for them to regain their powers and maybe fix Harry. Unfortunately they are quite stressed and fraying. Harry begs Macy to get sleep because she is exhausted. Maggie comes in from Safe Space bearing bad news.

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Maggie’s orange card is being revoked and deactivated because someone keeps stealing supplies and hoodies. Ahem, Mel, Macy. Macy tries to grab the Elder’s book to see if she can decode the ancient language only to be blown back by the book. It’s her demonic blood. Harry and Mel figure out who the owl is and a possibility of how to get to who the owl signifies. Mel must ask for help from the witch who has a shop at the Safe Space building who she doesn’t like/trust. Meanwhile Maggie is attempting to get a management position at safe space to keep her orange card access. She continues to run into Jordan. He always keeps her on her toes but makes good points.

Another witch is in trouble. Macy is the only one at the command center. She leaps to action. Not smart Macy. She manages to get away with the witch in danger in tow. She brings her to the command center. It was her only option. I could see it from a mile away this was another brilliant move. Mel and Harry make it to the astral plane. The find the sentinel and make it home. Mel gets a kiss from the witch that helped them and she is subsequently covered in worms. However they have, at least have their powers back. Maggie gets the job as management. The demon overlord has found them. Maggie and Macy however spy him before he sees them.

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Can they defeat the overlord? Do they get their powers back? Watch the episode and let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…