The episode opens to Stewie getting ready for a race with the preschoolers he goes to school with. I believe he won the gold medal. Next they are at Barrington Country Club having dinner with Lois’s parents. Of course Peter does something stupid.

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Turns out Stewie got a participation medal. Stewie is so mad and hurt that he burns his “wall of lies”. He ends up burning down his home. Lois’s parents offer to let Lois and the family stay with them. Carter promptly takes out the trash. Meaning Peter.

Stewie and Brian watch a news broadcast that talks about a pie contest. Stewie see this as a way of redemption for all his participation trophies. His first pie is a mud pie with Lego fruit. Stewie figured out his family was lying about how good it was. Brian offers to help him make a great pie.

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Babs and Peter connect on a real level. Peter finds out that Babs was not born to privledge. She pretended to be cultured. When they come home from the Drunken Clam Babs decides she leaving Carter. Babs wants to reconnect with who she was. To get his wife back, Carter becomes a “regular” guy. It’s ridiculous.

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Stewie places fifth in pie contest. It’s something Stewie can live with. Mainly because not everyone gets a ribbon.

Does the Griffin’s house get rebuilt? Does Carter get his wife back? Does Babs reconnect with who she was? Let me know what you think of this episode in the comments below. Til next week…