Well Maggie is gone, Charlotte is dead. The two strongest main characters are gone. Which was will the show go now? I don’t know. Episode 7 did not end well for a lot of the characters except for maybe Kate. Quigley is forced to become a kidnapper again, so I guess this will determine if she has truly changed. And by this I mean finding Harcourt a girl to murder.

The final episode seems a bit predictable. Hal is crazy. We established that a couple episodes ago, but now he’s locked up Emily and sold Harriet out. She ends up with Jack alright destined for the same fate he is thanks to the jealousy of Lord Leadsome. She must have really put it on him. And at the heart of all the rest of the crazy is who? Quigley, thanks to her always seeming to gain the best information to use to get what she wants. Or in this case, to get what Harcourt wants. The dirtiest deed that Quigley has done, was get Anne to give the baby back and then she gets her face sliced and her money stolen. Not saying that that is what Quigley wanted but she talked her into going. So it is pretty messed up. Her last dirt deed is finding a girl for Harcourt to kill. He has used Kate as leverage and motivation to find someone. But clearly she is having trouble with it because she already turned him down before in a previous episode.

Emily broke free of crazy Hal and ran to Greek Street. Fanny basically tells her you reap what you sow and then she starts coming clean about what really happened with Charlotte and she tells everyone that she has a plan. But what plan could she possibly have to contain that crazy man. Nancy is just over the moon having to deal with killing the wrong brother and in between helping Lady Isabella, who she is starting to have feelings for……Cherry has also left Quigley after the Anne situation and is now working for Greek Street under Fanny and Nancy. Gotta love Cherry. So Crazy Hal found out Emily is gone and is now being Marlon Brando, in Street Car Named Desire, hollering outside on the street. Emily is still only worried about money and claims she can’t just leave. In the end Emily sticks by Hal’s side and stops what could have been a very bad situation. But Emily isn’t done yet, she sets Hal up and he is taken away to the Navy and Emily ends up owning Saracen’s, the bar they had. Ambitious.

After seeing what happened to Anne. Lady Isabella finally gathers the courage to tell her story about what Harcourt really did to her. She tells the Prince what happened and the rest of his dastardly deeds. She doesn’t know that Harcourt has told Sophia’s husband to sell her. So thanks to Quigley, Harcourt is relieved of his duty and he is not happy about it but he does have his son back. After all of that, Quigley has her house back. But she still has a request of Elizabeth Harvey. And she will comply because she wants to save her son. Lucy is set free and  Fredo is saved.

Lord Leadsome’s wife who also told Harriet about him owning slaves, tells Will about where to find Harriett and Jack and the other black people that were taken. As long as Lord Leadsome was not prosecuted. He and Hal has been working together. They catch the carriage before it makes it to the ship and free everyone. After saving the day for a lot of people, Will goes and visits Elizabeth Harvey who’s real name is Emma Harrison. I wonder if she will be in season 4 or if there will be a season 4.

Quigley learns from Kate about Harcourt and she  is angry at Kate. Angry out of fear because now she knows what happens. But she has had Lucy set free and she knows that Lucy will come to her house. Kate goes to the magistrate to get help because she knows that something bad will happen. Lucy does come and see about her house, since she is part owner. She drugs Lucy and server her up to Blayne. But they betray him and together they stab his ass to death. Bye bye Blayne. A bond is formed by having murdered a sociopath together. The magistrate doesn’t want to deal with it so he puts it on someone else. Kate and Quigley reconcile but she has drawn a line so that may be over. However, a new relationship has formed between Lydia and Lucy.

So, now we has Lydia and Lucy, Emma and Will, Nancy and Lady Isabella and Emily owning her own bar. If there is a a new season of Harlots, I predict that this is what we will have to look forward too. But will Quigley continue to be the villain now that she finally has a Wells sidekick? She has changed to some degree so what will happen now?