Crazy about best online slot games??? If it is yes, than you must be aware of all the recent developments that are taking place in the world of online games. The world of technology is changing rapidly and so is the gaming zone. New trends and innovations are taking place in the games also. This creativity and innovation has strongly affected the video game slots. The action heroes of the games are now inspired by the legends of movies.

Let us tell you about some games that have currently occupied the whole world and are still mesmerizing the people:

Star Wars 

Lover of video games are passionate about the Star Wars. A person who is addictive of online video games loves to play Star Wars for hours. The full story of Jedi and dark lords is being described in the games along with complete voice notes. This video game has great graphics and is an action based thriller game. A person who is adventurous and seeks for exciting clicks in life must play the game.

Spiderman 2

Spiderman series is one of the best movie series and is equally popular among young and old, male and female, kids and teens. The movie has captured the audience at wide scale. Same is the case with the video game based on the movie Spiderman 2. It looks cool to swing like a real super hero in Manhattan. The game is also supported by the vocals of the real cast and looks like you have become the part of the movie while playing this game.

Golden Eye 007

No one exists in the world who does not know about James Bond 007. The movie full of thrill and action has captured the whole world’s attraction every time it appeared. The all the new series were awaited by the public. The same action and adventure is being placed into the online video game. After playing the Golden Eye 007 you will not stop yourself saying that it is the best online video game slot. The scenes, actions, graphics, visuals and story all is based on the story that is being presented in the movie.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game

You can say that Ghostbusters is the third and mat be the last version of the movie. The reason is that the game is being developed by the same people who have made the movie. They have used all the characters, roles, cast and graphics in the game as it was appeared in the movie. But the addition is that it has a part that is entirely new and different from the movie but in actual is the continuation part of the movie. You will love to play the online video game slot because it is fully loaded with the ghosts of the same gang. You will surely love to hit the ghosts and crossing the levels.

The Chronicles of Riddick

It is one of the best online video games. If you really want to spend a quality time while playing some games then you must try this one. The movie includes everything like drama, action, suspense and adventures of the real life. The movie also hit the cinema and mind of the people and same is the case with the game.