Photo Source: The Catch, Courtesy of The ABC Network

We all knew the complications Margot and Ben’s daughter Tessa would cause between Alice and Ben’s relationship; what we didn’t know was the potential love triangle that is on the table now that Alice’s ex Ethan is back in the picture.

Knocking on your ex-fiancé’s door, after dinner hour, to declare one’s undying affection is not the done thing. But that is what Ethan did and that is what Ben put the kibosh on. Sitting through the world’s most awkward nightcap, the answers Alice and Ben give about their life together are completely different. It’s hard to imagine a more unequally yoked couple in that moment.

Ben’s jealous (line of the night: “He has the piercing eyes of a Siberian husky!”), Alice is irritated and the couple is in a state of flux.

Photo Source: The Catch, Courtesy of The ABC Network

Ethan’s reappearance coincided with Val’s ex police partner vetting for chief of police. Sophie-taking things way too far-asked a hacktivist friend to hack Ethan’s company records and report back. After not hearing back from the hactivist, they learn she took a payoff and was murdered. Case on for AVI.

While AVI is solving murders, the Kensington Firm has a new operative: Tessa. Margot wants information from a rival and has Tessa head undercover to an OTT sweet 16 birthday party. Displaying a command of accents and intuition, she might have made it out unscathed…until Ben showed up. The two are promptly held hostage by Kensington rival Raymond who demands $10MM from Margot by 3PM. Raymond must’ve been unaware that Margot is about that life though; hiding in the trunk of one of the birthday girl’s presents, she takes out armed guards, wreaks havoc amongst the guests and leaves with most of Raymond’s employees. Boss.

Photo Source: The Catch, Courtesy of The ABC Network

And what’s happening with our good friend Agent Diaz? Troy the Hard Drive’s intel came through and she reunited with her estranged husband, Eddie. Almost shooting him because he divorced her by email and disappeared, he explained he remained undercover to take down a crime family. Rhys was not well-pleased with Diaz’s decision to take Eddie back (such a crush on her).

The end result: AVI wins, Kensington Firm wins and Alice and Ben…well, I guess we shall see.

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