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In last week’s Superstore, district manager Maya pops in to see just how much control (or lack thereof) Amy has over her Cloud 9 employees.

While Amy frets over the missing union cards turning up in Maya’s candy bag, Jonah is upbeat and pragmatic about the situation. He reminds Amy that Maya can’t fire her for unionizing (most definitely against the law); Amy fires back that she could fire her for something else. And with her store being filled with a basket full of…challenging characters, Amy isn’t reassured.

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After a team meeting devolves into fisticuffs between Marcus and another employee (and Maya offers to take her to lunch), Amy is convinced more than ever that she’ll be fired.

On the B-side, Dina recruits a very bored Mateo to run a shoplifters rehab program. Dina’s ideas on rehabilitation include outdated (and vaguely inappropriate) skits and squirting people in the face with a spray bottle of they are tempted by money laying about. It’s only during the spray bottle exercise that Mateo discovers the former shoplifters were coerced into paying $200 apiece to take Cloud 9’s class, while avoiding a police report. A fact that seems to be antithetical to actual rehabilitation.

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As it turns out, Maya likes Amy and thinks she has a bright future with Cloud 9 in an executive capacity. She did advise her to take care regarding unionizing, as her career track could be seriously derailed.

While Jonah takes this news with a grain of salt, we can almost see the wheels turning in Amy’s head. Amy Sosa, Cloud 9 dark sider? Stay tuned.

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