Episode Synopsis:

Jess and Cece’s low-key bachelorette party plans go “up in smoke” when they destroy the wedding gift sent by Schmidt’s mom and must figure out how to replace it while under the influence.

Jess & Cece– The girls decide to have a chill bachelorette party, and we mean chill, when Jess brings her bong out and decides to get high with Cece. They watch and movie and Cece asks where Jess got the weed because it’s super strong. Funnily enough, cut to Jess buying weed off of Nadia of all people. Nadia is a mother, but of course she would be selling drugs in the back of her car. Later in the day, Cece gets a package, which happens to be from Schmidt’s mom. It’s a bread maker, but after much thought, the girls decide to smash it because Cece thinks Schmidt’s mom gave her the bread maker as a sign that she won’t be a good wife for Schmidt. After realizing it was a terrible idea, they decide to bring the bread maker back and try to exchange it for a new one. Unfortunately, they are informed that there are none left in stock. While they are figuring out what to do, they run into Aly, who is in the store with Trip. Trip is suppose to be making her dinner for her anniversary of being a cop for 5 years. We see that Trip is of course worried more about his clients, so Aly gets angry at him and makes him leave. While Jess and Cece still contemplate what they’re going to do, they see that there is a bread maker floor model. After one of the best moments I’ve seen in a while on the show, the girls try to steal the bread maker, but it keeps on playing music, when they go near it. Finally, after figuring out how to turn off the music, they end up stealing the bread maker, along with Aly. They get caught and end up in mall jail. The girls talk and Cece starts worrying that she won’t be able to take care of Schmidt. Just like we saw with Nick and Schmidt, Jess comforts Cece and tells her that she already takes care of her, so she’ll make a great wife. Also, during their conversation, Jess wants to tell Aly that Winston loves her, but Cece makes her stop. Once they finally escape the jail, thanks to Cece, Jess blurts out that Winston does indeed have a crush on Aly. They return home, the boys rush into the loft, and Winston asks Aly out. Sadly, Aly rejects him because she technically is still dating Trip, but kisses him anyway when Winston remembers her anniversary. So sweet!!! At the very end, the gang is captured by some random guys and we find out that Nadia has planned a bachelorette party for Cece.

I really loved this episode! We never get to see Jess and Cece hang out alone anymore, but having them together in an episode was comedy gold! And people say women aren’t funny. Whatever. I think what pushed this episode to its best, was the fact that the girls were high throughout the episode. It made their behavior that much funnier. Of course, I also loved that Nadia made a return and we finally saw Winston and Aly kind of get together. Everyone rejoice! Since this episode ended on a high note, lets keep this same momentum going!


5/5 glasses rating