Episode synopsis:

“When Lucifer and Chloe investigate the death of a woman, they discover that they may be pursuing the wrong suspect. Then, Charlotte risks her safety when she decides to take matters into her own hands, and just as Lucifer makes a huge confession, he gets a tragic phone call that changes everything.”

The episode opens with Dan and Charlotte in bed. The next day Dan and Charlotte enjoy breakfast with her kids until and man comes in and shoots everyone. It was a nightmare.

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Lucifer attempts to add the spark to Decker and his relationship by redoing their first meeting at today’s crime scene. He continues to play through his greatest hits at the crime scene. Devin Clay is the victim, the wife of professional baseball player Forest Clay. A possible home invasion, Devin was shot and Forest was found with a head injury.

Forest Clay is the man from Charlotte’s dream. She believes him to be the killer and shares her thoughts with Lucifer and Decker. Clay claims that he was hit in the head by a masked man and woke up to Devin bleeding out on the ground.

13 years ago, Charlotte worked for Wheeler Law, one night she was asked to dispose of a bloody duffel bag by her boss. The bag belonged to Forest Clay. She beliefs a murder was covered up then and that he murdered again. As of right now Clay is the only lead Decker and Lucifer have.

Lucifer is still going with the charade and decides to day drink while Decker does the boring stuff. At the bar he finds Amenadiel, he has lost faith in God’s plan or rather the existence of it. Amenadiel believes Lucifer and himself are control everything that has happened to them. If that’s so Lucifer asks where Amenadiel’s wings are, of course Lucy isn’t buying it.

Clay’s story doesn’t add up. The cut on his head doesn’t match his story. Lucy’s devil powers reveal that he wasn’t actually home when it happened. He was with his mistress Mia and was trying to cover it up. During questioning Mia reveals that the cut was from their loving and corroborates his story. She also adds that Devin herself was having an affair with her CEO.

The CEO was not having an affair with Devin, they simply just worked late. The CEO is completely useless though, there has been a guy hanging around lately. The guy was thought to be a corporate saboteur but may have actually been Devin’s stalker.

Amenadiel and Charlotte do their own investigating. Amenadiel poses as a rich doctor looking for a lawyer at Wheeler Law. Once in Wheeler’s office Charlotte barges in and causes a diversion so Amenadiel can copy files from Wheeler’s computer. On the USB is a list of Forest Clay’s Nondisclosure agreements with lots of women. One of the dates lines up with the duffel bag and the name Johann Folds matches with a woman found dead strangled to death 13 years ago.

Pierce and Maze have a new plan. Kill Amenadiel and frame Lucifer. Pierce wants the mark back and revenge on Lucifer. Maze attempts to make her move when Amenadiel leaves Charlotte’s. She waits for him and attempts to drug him but she can’t bring herself to do it. Since Maze chickened out, Pierce is going to do it himself. Maze can’t let that happen and a fight breaks out. Pierce eventually gets the upper hand and drugs her with the intended drugs for Amenadiel.

Lucifer’s continued attempts of repeating their greatest hits is confusing Decker emotionally and she asks him to leave. On the investigation by yourself Decker realizes Devin wasn’t even at work when the “stalker” was there but Clay was. Maybe he was the target but why? Charlotte’s got the why, AJ Agholor in 2005 was arrested for the murder of Johann Folds. Forest was the murderer and AJ wanted revenge.

Decker found a gun in AJ’s car and he confesses to everything. Devin was an accident, he just wanted revenge on Clay for Johann. Decker isn’t done she has a plan to take down Clay. Charlotte walks in on Clay and Mia and tells him she still has the duffel bag. He grabs Mia and holds her hostage trying to get out of the situation. At the point he has confessed to everything and Decker reveals herself and has recorded everything. He gives up and he is arrested.

Lucifer watches from outside upset that Decker did it all without him. He suddenly realizes that Decker has never needed his help solving crimes but she chose to do it with him still. He finally tells Decker how he feels and confesses that he is really the devil. She says he isn’t the devil to her and they kiss. A phone call interrupts them.

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Charlotte celebrates with Amenadiel outside looking at the stars. Pierce watches them from the woods and shoots at Amenadiel. Charlotte takes the bullets for him and Pierce runs. She dies in Amenadiel’s arms. Suddenly he sprouts his wings and flies of to heaven with her.

The call was about Charlotte. At the crime scene tears are all around, Decker, Dan and Lucifer. Nearby Lucifer finds an angel feather.

Catch Lucifer Monday nights at 8pm on Fox, only one more episode left this season and for the series. Unfortunately over the weekend Lucifer had been canceled. But there is still some hope, fans haven been very vocal online and Tom Ellis tweeted this:

And there’s even a petition you can sign here. We can help save Lucifer! Spread the word #SaveLucifer