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Can Josh Take A Leap Of Faith?

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All good things must come to a devastating end and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is no exception. The season 2 finale was FULL of surprises and twists that none of us saw coming.

Also, I just realized the episode title is a pun on what happens AND OMG YOU GUYS that’s so clever.

Final spoiler warning, I will be freaking out about everything in extreme detail, so either go watch the episode, or read below but don’t get mad at me.

Source: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend // CW Network

It’s JoshBecca’s wedding day! Honestly who would’ve thought that this was even a point we would reach throughout the series. Obviously, we all knew from the beginning that it would not end well, but no one could’ve predicted the incoming shit show (tbt Greg)

Throughout the episode, Rebecca has PTSD-style flashbacks to a past relationship with Robert, a married Harvard professor who promised her he would leave his wife but didn’t. She committed a tiny arson-related crime of passion when he dumped her, the judge sentenced her to do time in a psychiatric facility where she was drugged out of her mind, and she ended up going to Yale instead.

Source: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend // CW Network

Once, while talking to Josh, she calls Josh Robert accidentally and he (for once) notices. This sets him off on a quest to find out who Robert is, but Beck’s dad is trash and doesn’t know and her mom immediately lies and shuts it down. Chan was already feeling weird about this wedding so this stuff just makes him feel more uneasy.

Josh’s talk with Father Bra about Priesthood does not help the situation – shocking, I know. AND THEN Trent shows up and gives Josh a folder full of all of Rebecca’s oldest and darkest secrets. That folder 100% has an accidental homicide in it or something, we’ve spent a few years with Becks but we know so little about her.

Source: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend // CW Network

However, Josh throws the folder in the trash, which is totally not what I was expecting him to do. Continuing in the tradition of doing things I don’t expect him to do, he goes to Priest School and signs up to become a mini Father Bra. Full disclosure I don’t know what the actual terms for this are and I don’t care to look them up. Josh leaves Rebecca for God, basically.

Meanwhile, Rebecca’s trash father is asking her for money because his new son needs braces and he’s trash and broke, or something. He asks her while they’re rehearsing their father-daughter dance and she’s so intent on pleasing him that she gives him the money and a bunch of father’s day and birthday cards TO MAKE UP FOR TIME SHE LOST. LITERALLY SHE DOES WHAT HE SHOULD BE DOING.

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At the actual wedding, WiJo & Darryl are having a little problem because WiJo doesn’t believe in marriage. Darryl compromises later when he sees how well WiJo does with Madison by suggesting they have a baby. WiJo is like WHAT?! HUH?! BABIES?! So that’ll be interesting next year,

We also have to talk about Hector and his mom. They are adorable and a little too attached to each other but mostly adorable. I really want their podcast to be available to the public because I really think “Dating for all ages” would be useful to me.

Source: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend // CW Network

At the wedding, that Valencia planned flawlessly, Naomi is being impossible while Paula is being perfect and maternal while Rebecca gets ready.

They they see Josh pull up to the venue and keep driving, and this is where shit starts to hit the fan. Heather & V break the news to Rebecca, and later Father Bra comes in to tell them all that Josh is with God now.

Source: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend // CW Network

Upon hearing this, Becks runs out towards the edge of the cliff and the #GurlGroup run after her to make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid. It’s while they’re all there together that Rebecca finally stands up to her garbage father and sends him home (shoutout to Nathaniel for calling him a dick and forcing him to fly coach.)

Rebecca then gets a vengeful look on her face and decides that Josh Chan must be destroyed for doing this to her. Ever supportive Queen Paula pledges to take him down alongside her, so we’ve got a lot of anger and Alanis Morissette type songs to look forward to next year!

Source: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend // CW Network

Musical Moments

This episode was truly incredible, but then again most of them are. All the callbacks and the old jokes were subtle but great, and the glimpses into Rebecca’s past taught us so much about her. While it was in an unexpected way, the story went to the perfect place and opened itself up to so much more.

Source: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend // CW Network

Stay with TGON for all your Crazy Ex-Girlfriend news before and during production, we’ll try and fill the void left in everyone’s hearts until the show comes back for season 3!

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