The American Horror Story 1984 season finale is upon us! Think of all the things that have happened over the last eight episodes. We found out Mr. Jingles isn’t such a bad guy, Donna’s father was a serial killer, Margaret is deranged, and so much more. However, I still find myself with more questions than answers. Why can the ghosts of Camp Redwood die? Why is Satan bestowing his gifts upon the Nightstalker when there were way scarier serial killers in the ’80s? Perhaps all of this will be answered during the finale, but we should recap what we already know.

Brooke in diner

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“Rest in Pieces” began with Brooke and Donna enjoying lunch at a diner when a reporter spotted them. She complimented Brooke on her “costume” and began telling them that she loves writing about serial killers. Brooke and Donna were suspicious but quickly left to return to their hotel. When they returned, the reporter knocked on their door. It was clear that she knew who they were, and the three struck a deal. Brooke would give the reporter and inside scoop, and she would let them go.

Back on the road to Camp Redwood, Jonas, the hitchhiker, was walking along when a car pulled up beside him. Bruce, the man Brooke and Donna, left without his thumbs, offered Jonas a ride back to camp. Things went array when Jonas heard screaming coming from the trunk. Bruce pulled the car over to murder the Mary K consultant whose car he had stolen while Jonas ran away.

On Kajagoogoo’s tour bus, Courtney showed Margaret the gruesome work of the Nightstalker. Margaret ordered Courtney to clean up the bodies, and as he was doing so, he heard a band rehearsing nearby. Meanwhile, celebrating his kill, the Nightstalker was busting a move to Billy Idol’s cassette when suddenly, Mr. Jingles tackled him. The two had a bit of a struggle when Bruce hit them with his car. Mr. Jingles was injured and ran away, but the two other serial killers joined forces.


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Inside one of the counselor’s cabins, Trevor and Montana are recovering from a moment of passion. Trevor professed his love for Montana and offered to stay with her at Camp Redwood. As the two parted ways, they shared a kiss that Margaret witnessed. As this was happening, Bruce and the Nightstalker were talking about Mr. Jingles when Xavier showed up and led them to Mr. Jingle’s ghost body. Mr. Jingles stabbed Xavier as the Nightstalker proclaimed, he will kill baby Bobby. As they bickered, Margaret shot Mr. Jingles in the head and stated she needs all the serial killers she can get. Brooke, Donna, and the reporter made it to Camp Redwood. As the pair explain their side of the story to the reporter, Brooke decided she can’t trust the reporter and planned to murder her. Brooke took her to the cabin where Donna drugged her and attempted to slit her throat when Donna tackled her. As the reporter ran away, Margaret, the Nightstalker, and Bruce killed her. Excitedly, Margaret explained that every artist must die so that Camp Redwood would be the mecca of 80’s music.


Back with the ghosts, the counselors are pissed at Mr. Jingles for killing them and tied him up. As Mr. Jingles begged them to stop, he outed Montana for dating the Nightstalker. This angered Montana, and she ran off into the woods. Trevor found her and once again proclaimed his love for Montana and offered to kill himself so they could be together forever. Montana, still upset about Mr. Jingle’s words, confessed that she dated the Nightstalker and that it wasn’t her fault he went crazy. In a fit of rage, she dumped Trevor.

As Xavier and the teens dressed as Mr. Jingles, stab at the real Mr. Jingles, they placed him on a boat and left him to die. Bleeding out, Mr. Jingles spotted Montana on a bank across the lake when a creepy water zombie pulled him under the water. When he awoke, he found himself at a picnic with his mother and brother. After the first heart-to-heart he has ever had with his mother, Mr. Jingle’s finally had some time to enjoy with this family.


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As we gear up for the final episode of American Horror Story 1984, what are some unanswered questions you have? Does anyone have any idea what that thing was that sprung out of the water? Will Brooke be stuck as a ghost with Montana forever? Overall, AHS is gearing up for the finale of the year, and I can’t wait to see how it all goes down.