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I’ve been a bit lukewarm on the whole Scarlett story line, mostly for the reason that having a crazy woman deceiving the residents of Ramsay Street seemed all too familiar to the fairly recent Nanny Alice story line. I’m also not a huge fan of Neighbours constantly signposting that a character is a bad egg, rather than letting us find out about it gradually, at the same time as the characters. We’ve known right from the start that Scarlett was up to no good, which removed almost all of the tension from the whole plot line.

But, having said that, I absolutely love it when Neighbours goes all out with a really bonkers story line, and I couldn’t help being completely won over by the climax of the Scarlett and Ned debacle.

Everyone else on the street had started to put two and two together, and realize that not all was as it seemed with Ramsay Street’s newest resident. Bea and Yashvi had been suspicious of her for a while, and after some digital snooping, they managed to pick holes in the story she’d spun for everyone about her abusive partner, Rex. In fact, what they found out was that instead of Scarlett having an ex who she was terrified of, she actually had an ex-boyfriend that was petrified of her, after she had tried to kill him.

Poor Ned was haplessly on his way to spend a romantic weekend away with his very new girlfriend, and despite seeming to be a touch uncomfortable with how fast she was trying to move things along, he ignored his gut feeling and carried on anyway. Meanwhile, everyone on the street was in a total panic, having found Scarlett’s little stalker scrapbook and figured out that she possibly had a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock.

Scarlett had arranged a surprise for Ned, which turned out to be a romantic meal in the middle of a hedge maze, so just a perfectly normal date activity then…

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Ned had come dressed as Frankenstein’s monster, and Scarlett had come wearing a wedding dress and a manic stare, which is quite possibly the most frightening Halloween costume anyone could choose this early in a relationship. Ned was certainly a little disturbed by it.

Anyway, off they went into the centre of the maze, where Scarlett rapidly started to unravel, chattering manically about her and Ned getting married and going off to start a new life together. Finally Ned realized that he needed to get the heck away from her, but by that point, Scarlett had swiped a knife off the table and was waving it around rather menacingly.

When this story line began, there is no way I could have predicted that it would end with Scarlett, dressed in a wedding dress, chasing Ned around a hedge maze whilst wielding a cheese knife, but here we are. It was gloriously silly, and I loved it.

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I also loved Yashvi and Bea coming to the rescue. They had figured out that Scarlett was going to harm Ned, and had somehow also figured out they were going to a hedge maze, so they set off into the maze to find them. Ned and Yashvi were both stabbed in the subsequent struggle, but Scarlett was brought down by a pretty stellar rugby tackle and carted off to the police station. All I kept thinking was that must have been a very sharp cheese knife…

I can’t help thinking that Scarlett should have set her sights on Mark before he left, instead of Ned. Mark loves a proposal, and would probably not have been put off by her turning up to what was about their fourth date in a wedding dress. He’d have just slipped one of his many engagement rings on that finger and off they could have gone into the sunset…