9-1-1 continues to bore me, I don’t know how y’all are feeling but Chim seeing crows or thinks he going crazy, no. Maddie is crazy, just no. Either she is going to be a strong character or a creepy character but pick one. She acting real creepy, especially since there isn’t any real evidence of Tara’s need for help, least of all Maddie’s help. Last season they had her fighting for her life and triumphing. Not without some trauma. But in that moment she was doing what she had to do. But now she just seems to be deteriorating, where are they going with this story line? I don’t know. I am less and less inclined to watch the show. But I keep hoping it will get better. On the other hand there is a new 9-1-1 coming out and maybe they won’t slowly let the air out of that show. Rant, paused.

So Maddie gets caught up and she leaves Chim looking completely stupid. Then she spills the beans, after being forced. And Chim and her have a fight about Maggie’s creepy, stalker habits. But she says she is just trying to help. Blah, blah this is an annoying story line and I don’t want to just keep sounding negative but where are the meat and potatoes of this show?  Season 1 & 2 had so much depth and this one just is not cutting it. I think that we should have seen more of a fight from Buck’s “lawsuit”, maybe and episode or two more. But no.

What is up with the lady driving through the entire city with a body hanging out of her windshield and nobody, I mean like nobody saw her but like 3 people. Like how is that even possible? Have you ever been to LA? I am from California, just saying. Truly that is not real life Halloween or not. A whole person in the windshield all night and all day, driving around until Buck shows up at night? Really? I am so aggravated by this episode. Ok so them Buck the only living person in Los Angeles, apparently just so happens to run into the same lady, who by the way has been driving around, with a whole grown man sticking out of her windshield, saves the day. Oh and he cuts himself, remember blood thinners, waivers signed, but he saved the day. And is praised by Bobby for saving two lives. Buck’s back to work….

Mad Maddie is caught by her job now. They basically tell her to seek help. There is nothing else that needs to be said about that. Her stalking pretty much ends there. What was the point? What is up with the brother and sister duo being all kinds of loco? Is it a family thang? Why is it always them? There are better story lines to follow. The Buckley’s cray-cray.

Do I need to mention the creepy parents who abused their kids? Naw, Athena finds the house, enters without a search warrant and arrests the parents. LOL I kid, I kid. But that is really what happened. Lastly, the horrible CGI crows that were attacking them two bad behind kids. Then stalked Chim the entire show just whatever. I refuse. Hen’s makeup was really cute and feminine, off subject.

Oh, so where’d Bosko go? And is Eddie fighting? What’s up with his elbow? That was the most interesting part of the show. But for real, where she at? I thought it seemed like the show was trying to get them together. Now it’s just Eddie and his jacked up elbow. And we find out his back is also messed up after he and Buck rekindle their bromance.

Last comment on the lady, so the people in the store didn’t see the man in the windshield though? The gas station was well lit and bright. So, you mean to tell me they just rung her up with that big ass knot on her head? In Los Angeles?

Until next week…..