At this years SDCC we were treated with a full trailer for FX’s X-Men based show, The Gifted. SDCC also got a showing of the first ten minutes which received positive reviews on twitter. However for those who weren’t as lucky to have gotten a ticket for Hall H we got a full trailer for Bryan Singers latest X-Men project.

I can’t say I was impressed by the first teasers and images released promoting this show. I had somewhat high expectations after finding out that Matt Nix, the creator of Burn Notice was in charge of the show. However, this trailer grabbed my attention and has me interested. The look and feel of the show are done nicely and you can tell there is a production budget behind it.

We seem to get quite the assemble cast of characters that comic book fans will be familiar with. Personally, I’m glad that Blink will be one of the main mutants in this show. Her character was a high point in Days of Future Past. This trailer doesn’t shy away from both CGI and powers being used. Something other super hero themed shows fail at. We also get a family from what I can tell the show’s main two leads, Lauren and Andy Strucker are original characters made up for the show.  We also get some name drops of both the X-Men and The Brotherhood. We also know the sentinals were apart of this world but they weren’t in this trailer which is a huge mistake in my opinion. While I did originally hope we would get something along the lines of  Legion but it seems we will get more of a “family drama” orientated show here.   But the idea of a father who hunts people with powers discovers his own kids are mutants is a great premise. It opens many doors and directions this show could take.

There no doubt that this show has some expectations to live to after the wildly successful, Legion and with Bryan Singer directing the pilot. While I don’t think it will match Legion’s quality of work I still do think it will do far better than some of the other comic book tv shows.  The SDCC trailer did its job by getting myself and other comic book nerds excited. Because we needed something to look forward to after watching those Inhumans Trailers.

The Gifted premieres on Oct 2nd only on Fox.