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The Bad Place has been conspicuously circumspect in trying to ruin the human’s experiment on The Good Place. Although the random boring-punching lady (who turned out to be a super shredded demon) happened a few weeks ago in Good Place time, the Bad Place has exhibited hands-off behavior since that point.

Until now.

Courtesy of NBC

The arrival of Bad Place demon Glen starts a push/pull that is classic The Good Place ethics. Glen gets right to the point (after requesting pig urine to quench his thirst): Michael isn’t really Michael…it’s Vicky in a Michael suit. Eleanor, Tahani, Jason and Janet are shocked and not at all trusting of what Glen tells them. It’s a total conundrum, especially when Michael refuses to reveal his true form. When Eleanor presses him why, he explains that he’s a 6,000 foot fire squid, and he can’t have them see him in that frightening state.

Courtesy of NBC

Although Michael’s explanation somewhat placates Eleanor, Janet comes up with a demon lie detector to ensure complete truth. The lie detector completely trips out and ends up zapping Glen into a viscous goo.

It isn’t until Michael offers to sacrifice himself with Janet’s demon lie detector that Eleanor makes her decision: Michael is their Michael. And in that moment, Jason is actually helpful and discovers Janet is Bad Janet. The setups, the sabotage, it’s all been due to Bad Janet.

With fire in his voice, grittiness in his demeanor and as always, total forgetfulness, Jason vows to get Janet back. And Michael wheels off to the Bad Place with him.

Tally ho.

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