This episode is back focusing on Nate Sr’s state of mind when he committed the murder and Annalise’s plan for the case. She feels it is best that they go base the case on his mental health and him going to a mental facility in order for him to get out. But both Nate Sr and Nate Jr are balking against that plan. Annalise does her best to get them to understand that this is the safest course of action but will they accept it, who knows.

We still haven’t figured out why Nate is so insistent on finding out who Bonnie’s child is. They never really give a complete reason, they just kind of skirt around it. So far we have found out that Bonnie had a baby, that baby was taken from her, and her sister may have had something to do with it. Nate has told Annalise that he is investigating it and she tells him to stop and leave it alone, but we all know that is not what he is going to do. The question is why is he doing it? And he is sort of being belligerent about it however, it seems to be more about him than it is about helping Bonnie. Annalise is trying to hide the fact that she knows and doing a bad job about it, so instead of warning Bonnie she makes up an excuse.

We also still haven’t found out exactly who Gabriel is either. We that Frank has been able to force him into moving into Rebecca’s old apartment and he has surveillance cameras in his apartment to watch what he is doing. We also know that he has a few fake id’s and some other suspicious items but so far, nothing bad has come from him. He is nosy and stepping on the toes of the original team but most of that is not his fault. But he seems to be doing a pretty good job of immersing himself into everyone’s life. And in between all these side stories Annalise keeps having to work high profile cases for C&G, most of which she does not agree with, but at this point she has no choice and has to do her job. But it does sour before it can even start because she is just Annalise. Then Michaela comes in and tries to save the day by basically blackmailing the client into doing business with C&G. But it blows up in her face because Tegan was simply just trying to humble her.

Is it too much back and forth for you all, cause it is for me. I used to enjoy the flashbacks because it was always something crazy going on that we had to try and figure out and work back towards. There are flashbacks of the wedding reception and of Bonnie when she was younger. I guess all that is triggered due to Nate continuing to investigate Bonnie’s past, that no one asked him to do. Bonnie is also dealing with her own bit of drama, well not really drama but Miller wants to take their relationship public. We can tell she isn’t unsure about signing it and scared I guess, to take the next step forward. But she goes ahead and signs the paper and is happy until Annalise decides to tell her about her missing baby. So it turns out that Nate was just beings selfish and distracting himself from his own issues by investigating Bonnie’s and coming up without any information. So once again, what was the point of it.

After all of that suspense, which was a let down, we flashback to Oliver and Conner’s wedding reception. Oliver is still missing and Michaela is a bit suspicious so she calls Nate. And Annalise is screaming and crying in her condo, but we still don’t know why.