I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been waiting to see when the sun would shine upon Camp Redwood for over a month. Now that it has, what will become of the series we’ve grown to love? Where will this new arch lead us to? Before we can ponder the future of American Horror Story 1984, let’s recap what we’ve already learned.

Spoilers Ahead!

“Red Dawn” began in the past with Donna, AKA “Nurse Rita” casing a house in which a man and woman entered. The man turned out to be her father, and Donna assumed her father was running around on her mom. However, when Donna attempted to confront her dad, she found the mangled corpse of the women who just moments ago entered the home. It turned out that Donna’s fascination with serial killers stemmed from the realization that her dad had been one her whole life. After attempting to convince her dad that she would “fix” him, he ended his own life.

Donna and Nightstalker

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Back in 1984, Donna just witnessed the resurrection of the Nightstalker and began to question what he was. It’s clear at this point that worshiping Satan brought this man back, and he seemed to know things the real Nightstalker didn’t know. He created a vision of Donna’s father and attempted to sway her to the dark side, professing that everyone has evil dwelling within them.


Our other camp employees just witnessed their escape pod burning down, and in a fit of mania, Xavier attempted to forge a smoke signal. Everyone seemed to think this was a bad idea, and Margaret knocked him out with the butt of her gun. With Xavier down for the count, Margaret, Brooke, Montana, and Chet made their way to the boy’s cabin. After laying the comatose Xavier on a bunk, Margaret suggested that someone take a rowboat across the lake in search of campers to help them. Seizing the opportunity, Montana suggested that Margaret and Chet complete that goal. Before Montana could plunge and ax into Brooke’s head, Brooke looked out the window and saw Ray running around.


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While Margret and Chet were rowing along, the pair talked about death and religion. Not soon after, Margaret was unable to contain herself, and she began to beat Chet with an oar. Unable to take him down, she tied a chain to his leg and threw Chet into the lake. Before chucking Chet overboard, she did manage to nab his ear as a souvenir. As this fight took place, Brooke met up with Ray, and the two had a heart-to-heart. A bought of passion ensued, and Brooke confessed that Ray was the first man she bedded. Brooke then proclaimed that she was thirsty and went to find water in the fridge. It was there that she found Ray’s head and ran back to the boy’s cabin.


Meanwhile, Montana was barely listening to Xavier as he complained about his now deformed face when Donna came rushing in. Donna explained that she was the one to unleash Mr. Jingles upon the camp, and Xavier attacked her. Montana rushed out of the room and ran into Brooke. They began a fight to the death as Montana explained her reason for hating Brooke. As they duked it out, Margaret and Mr. Jingles collided. As he attempted to rain down his revenge on Margaret, Xavier shot Mr. Jingles with several arrows. Upon checking on Margaret to see if she was okay, she stabbed Xavier in the chest.


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As Mr. Jingles began to bleed out, the Nightstalker appeared and asked if he’d let Satan into his heart. Panning back to Brooke and Montana, the sun rose, and the happy campers arrived. Just as Brooke stabbed Montana to death. Margaret arrived on the scene just as police were hauling off Brooke, and she stabbed herself in the leg. You know, to pin the whole thing on someone else, like Margaret does. Ray attempted to leave the camp in an ambulance but was kicked out as soon as the vehicle left the site. Ghost Montana appeared and killed a police officer before joining ghost Xavier and Jonas within the camp. As the episode came to an end, Mr. Jingles and the Nightstalker stole a cop car and started heading to Los Angeles.


With more than half of the cast dead and several vital characters not on the campgrounds, where will AHS 1984 take us? Will we see the murders the real Nightstalker committed? Will Mr. Jingles ride off into the sunset a free man? Where did Donna end up? In the end, American Horror Story 1984 always throws us some curveballs, and it will be interesting to see where we end up tonight!