Love is a main theme of Once Upon A Time. In amongst all the evil people trying to take over the town, everyone is searching for that one true love. And apparently they can be really easy to find! It’d be impossible to list all the couples in OUAT so let’s take a look at a few of the main ones. And remember, the course of true love never did run smooth.



Rumple and Belle used to be the couple that I watched the show for. They were sweet and caring and seemed to bring out the best in each other. But when Rumple decided that power was more important than being with Belle and he couldn’t cope without using dark magic, their relationship took a turn for the worst. He became scary and possessive and with their son being raised by his grandmother, the Black Fairy, I really hope that they aren’t going to try to do a redemption arc because Belle could do so much better and fall in love again even if a new partner isn’t her ‘true’ love.

Captain Swan:


The new Golden Couple on the block. The chemistry between Killian Jones and Emma Swan is undeniable. Hook is loving and attentive and wants to be able to do what’s best for Emma and she is learning to open up and trust people again. Seeing the two of them overcome their struggles and Hook’s past villainy is a romance I have loved watching blossom.

The Charmings:


Originally the golden couple, they’ve become slightly dull now they’re not working together all the time. While there was conflict and the chance of them not being together forever they had a brilliant dynamic and completed each other perfectly. But now they’re too perfect and even though in a lot of the earlier seasons they were trying to regain their relationship with their daughter Emma, we see a lot of them running off on adventures and absolutely nothing of them being parents to their baby Neal. In terms of their relationship and doing something proactive, splitting them up is probably the best thing that the showrunners could do to add a bit of conflict to the perfectly Charming couple.

Regina and Robin:


Regina almost lost Robin before they had even met. Led to him by Tinkerbell, Regina ran away instead of going over to talk to him. However true love never fails and they eventually meet and fall in love. There’s only one problem, using time travel Emma accidentally saves Robin’s wife Marian and Robin has too much honestly to break his marriage vows. He leaves Regina to be with Marian and together they decide to leave Storybrooke. Except things never go to plan. The real Marian is dead and in her place is Regina’s younger sister Zelena, aka the Wicked Witch of the West. And she’s now pregnant with Robin’s baby. Robin and Regina reconcile but it takes a lot for them to get over Zelena’s actions.

After Robin is murdered by Hades, Regina is left heartbroken. However at the end of season six, Regina encounters another version of Robin in the Wish Realm. Will true love really conquer all?

Ruby Slippers:


The showrunners have been hinting towards a gay couple in the show’s canon for a very long time. And although it doesn’t involve Mulan like we all hoped it would, Dorothy and Ruby do make an adorable couple. Though the whole love story takes place in the space of one episode, that isn’t something we haven’t seen before and they don’t do a wholly terrible job of it. My only hope is that we see a lot more of them and this isn’t just a fan service “Well we’ve done that now.”

Zelena and Hades:


Totally wicked and completely perfect for each other. Though your true love being the king of the underworld can definitely cause some problems. Especially when you discover that even though he loves you, he has also been manipulating you so that he can get revenge on his brother. After Hades kills Robin, Zelena makes the decision to defend her sister and instead uses Hades’ Olympus Crystal to totally obliterate him.

So whatever your ship, whoever your love, wherever you may be on this Earth, remember that we share a love for Once Upon A Time, and be sure to share that love with everyone around you on this heart-filled holiday!