Episode two picks up where the pilot left off, with Kate trying to figure out what to do with the knowledge that Alice is her thought to be dead sister. This episode focuses on the whys of Alice’s actions. We see through flashback Kate’s unrelenting desire to find her sister and how the rift between she and her father started with his refusal to continue searching when fragments of bone where “found” and identified as Beth.

Alice is vicious and her crimes are heinous. Because of that, Kate’s father is understandably hesitant to believe that this woman could be his daughter.



You would think a special forces veteran would understand what 15 years of who know what could do to one’s psyche, though the pull of a father’s love is also understandable.

One thing that bothered me from last episode was when Kate asked Luke to change the suit to “fit a woman”. My issue was with her assumption that he was capable of making such a change. This was not reconciled in this episode as he struggled with being “the man in the chair” and admitted to not know what half of the bat gadgets did. I know he is Lucius’s son but why are we to assume he is as capable as his father?

Kate’s struggle to prove that Alice is Kate begins to have repercussions for her relationships and we see her being force to be more alone an further into the persona of the bat. The fight choreography was not as intense as the pilot, but still well done. The idea of powerful women continues to permeate the show, though the darkness associated with some of the power feels a little predictable. Hopefully the show will continue to find it’s wings and the characters will continue to develop in complexity and depth.