Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamodlochkiva are two of the most popular and well-known drag queens. The New York Times best-selling authors, performers, and biological women are on the second leg of their first-ever live show together. When the show was announced last year, I had planned a trip to Seattle to see it with a friend, but then life happened, and I had to wait until September 15th of this year to see this show. Let me tell you all; it was WELL worth the wait. After nearly a year of waiting and some spoilers online, I had snippets of what to expect. The expectations were blown out of the water. So if you have a chance to see this show, GO. 

The show begins, our heroines are nervous and need to find a solution. Photo by Melissa Rothman for

WARNING This article will contain spoilers for Trixie & Katya Live! f you are going to see this show and like to go in without knowing anything to be surprised, do not read. f you do not mind sight spoilers for reasons to get tickets or get you excited to enjoy the performance, read on!

Let me start by saying, the staff at Obsessed are organized, helpful, and all-around awesome people. Shout out to Andria. You are a real one. The photographer, Gabriel is great and really fun. He made the meet-and-greet photo process really relaxing and fun, and he is downright talented. s a person who has been taking photos for 20 years and just recently began seriously taking photos for things other than myself. His photos are examples of the level I would like one day to be at (hashtag photography nerd). 

The meet-and-greet setup was also fun; a set of chairs that looked like a movie theater. Trixie and Katya were lovely. Even though I was dying inside and screaming from excitement, they made me feel welcome from the literal first second. They are beautiful in person, and I actually wasn’t ready for it. 

The show itself was honestly one of the most outstanding performances, and entertaining evenings I have ever had. Sure, Trixie and Katya kept forgetting their lines and cracking each other up on stage, but that made it even better. y sister and I were laughing pretty much all night. There was a whole plot line that took us through the show, and it was based on their sponsorship with Klarna years ago. f you do not know about this, then the joke will go over your head, but you will enjoy the show nonetheless. Okay, who am I kidding? You absolutely know this inside joke. 

Without giving too much away, I will provide you with little tidbits (stop reading if you like surprises and plan to see the show). Not more than anything you could get with a quick google or Twitter search. I am giving it all to you right here, so stay here and keep reading! There were a few moments that I expected to see. What I didn’t, however, was how hilarious/amazing/incredible/awesome they were going to be seeing it with my own two eyeballs. 

First, we had lip-syncing and singing to “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra. This was more of a personal happy moment. Frank Sinatra was a favorite of my grandpa, and he once sang it with a band on his 80th birthday years ago. y default, I also love the song, so it made me smile to think of him and hear this song. 

Ten seconds of Trixie and Katya.

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Secondly, there was Trixie as Katya. es, Trixie wore red and danced to “Ding Dong.” Honestly, I am not really sure how to describe how great this was. Trixie looked incredible, and she did just as incredible with the choreography. 

Thirdly, there was a surprise third (see what I did there?) performer in the show, Kelly Mantle. he takes on the role of Trixie & Katya’s agent, Sandy, hadn’t seen her perform or really heard of her before, and I was delighted. I would see an entire show with just her! Not only did she put up with Trixie and Katya’s constant laughing, forgetting lines, and breaking character, she was a pleasure to watch on stage. Plus, she can pull off a pantsuit like no other! 

Sandy, Trixie, and Katya. Photo by Melissa Rothman for

All in all, the chemistry between Trixie and Katya was very real and apparent. You can tell they are friends and have been working together for a long time. There aren’t many performing duos that could pull off what they did last night. Trixie has great comedic timing, and Katya is simply a delight to watch perform. Her eccentricity and weirdness are the perfect combinations for a show like this. The mix of music, dance, improv, and comedy was excellent. 

I honestly have not felt such joy in a long time. Experiencing the show after so long of waiting was incredible. Thank goodness for adrenaline, though, cause that COVID Booster reaction was real. I loved every second of this show. There were even tailored jokes for Buffalo. I love that they take the time to incorporate hometown jokes. f they do this for every city, that is dedication! Trixie and Katya are two of the best performers, and it is worth the ticket money to see this show. 

I know what you’re thinking, can you say “Trixie and Katya” more times? Well, I could and will, but not in this article. o you are in luck. o see the show and let us know what you think of it! 

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