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While trying to decipher The Monitor’s (guest star LaMonica Garrett) mission, Oliver (Stephen Amell) returns to Starling City where he encounters familiar faces. Meanwhile, Mia (Katherine McNamara) and William’s (Ben Lewis) team clash with a new foe.
The end is here. The last season of Arrow kicks off now.

Arrow is back and we’re going all the way back to the beginning but things are not as it was. The episode opens up with the Monitor monologue about certain people being greater than others. Oliver is back on Lian Yu being rescued but this time the beach has a Batman mask speared in the sand instead of a Deathstroke mask.

Oliver gets back to Starling City where he is reunited with his mom, Malcolm and Tommy Merlyn after 12 years on the island. Malcolm and Moira are married now. Oliver has a heartfelt reunion with Tommy. But one thing is missing Thea. Thea took the disappearance of Oliver and Robert tough and she overdosed on vertigo. Things are strange wherever Oliver may be.

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Photo Source: the CW/Arrow

They have dinner and Oliver excuses himself. Moira talks with him. They have a moment of embrace. She leaves and we see that Oliver took her Queen/Merlyn Industries ID badge.

Oliver in his Green Arrow garb infiltrates Queen/Merlyn Industries. There he comes face to face with another Green Arrow and bunch of dead scientists with arrows in them. They duke it out for a bit. The Black Canary, Laurel intervenes and stops the fight saying “what are you doing on my Earth?” The other Green Arrow takes his hood off revealing him to be Adrian Chase. Bombshells after bombshells, this episode is delivering.

Laurel and Adrian take Oliver to the Canary Cave. Laurel continues to question him about him being on her Earth while Adrian hits the salmon ladder, classic. Chase believes Oliver to have murdered the individuals back at Queen/Merlyn but the arrows are quickly matched back to the Dark Archer, Oliver claims it to be Malcolm Merlyn. Chase and Laurel disagree but Oliver is admanet and goes to pay Merlyn a visit.

Instead of finding Malcolm at Queen/Merlyn Industries he finds the Monitor waiting for him. He is reminding Oliver that he is not on this Earth to intervene with events. Oliver claims he has to as the Dark Archer took the dwarf star particles which Oliver was sent to this Earth to acquire. The Monitor refuses to tell him what they are for.

Flashforward to Star City 2040. William, Mia, Zoey and Connor are at a fancy party celebrating the Glades being reintegrated. They’re looking for some Vasquez guy. Mia goes rogue as usual and is stopped by some guy who killed a guard. He leads her back to the party.

Back in the present Oliver talks with Merlyn who is no help as expected. So Oliver ditches him in hopes of finding Felicity. She doesn’t work she runs Smoak Technologies. Instead Curtis is the head of IT but Oliver only sees a photo of him. Oliver is able to find a computer that has information regarding the dwarf star particles.

The Green Arrow, Oliver then pays Merlyn a visit but it is cut short when the Dark Archer intervenes. They fight for a bit. He is revealed to be Tommy and then flees.

Back at the Queen/Merlyn residence Malcolm is being questioned by Dinah regarding the acher ordeal. Rene is revealed to a Merlyn bodyguard. Tommy, Oliver and Moira sit in on the questioning. Oliver’s welcome home party will not be cancelled.

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Oliver is introduced to his new bodyguard John Diggle. Ollie pretends to not be excited seeing Dig. They go for a drive and he is actually our Dig. Cisco hooked him up with something and he is on Earth 2 looking for answers. Oliver tells about the crisis coming and his death.

Back in 2040, the Deathstroke gang invades. The good guys fight the bad guys. They get away with Vasquez and it turns out the fake security guard is John Diggle Jr.

Back in the present, Oliver’s party is at Verdant. Ollie tries to follow Tommy when he leaves. Dig stops he still wants in. Oliver doesn’t want to hurt anyone and he tricks John into a sleeper hold. Oliver follows Tommy into a parking garage. They both know who each other. For a moment it looks like there will be an epic showdown but instead Rene from the shadows shoots Oliver with a sleeper dart.

Oliver chained up to the ceiling. He comes to to see Dinah, Rene and Tommy. Tommy has concluded he isn’t the real hood so what is he doing. Oliver figures out his plan. Tommy is going to destroy the Glades with the dwarf star particles, vengeance for Thea. This is Tommy’s version of the Undertaking.

Flashforward, the team regroups at the Arrow Cave. Mia needs to stop going rogue. Connor won’t talk about his brother. They need to find Vasquez. The Deathstroke gang uses the old Galaxy One building as a hideout.

In the present or a present, Oliver breaks out of the chains, beats up a dude with the chains and then Diggle shows up. The two of them go to the Canary Cave for help. Tommy is gonna blow it where Thea died.

They fight their way through the building looking for Tommy. Oliver goes through Dinah and Rene and drops a sick roast. Oliver finds Tommy on the roof. They fight. Oliver comes out victorious and talks Tommy into defusing the bomb.

Regrouping at the Canary Cave. Oliver drops some Green Arrow knowledge on Adrian and Adrian name drops Bruce Wayne. Oliver has one more stop before going home.

In 2040, there is a Deathstroke beatdown. The Deathstrokes escape once more this time with some codes from Vasquez. Mia is not happy with Connor.

Oliver says goodbye to Tommy and the fam—it isn’t easy for him. Things get harder when Laurel storms in claiming the city is under attack. The earth and the people began disintegrating. Oliver, Laurel and Dig quickly escape using Cisco’s tech but not before Oliver watches his mom and Tommy get dusted.

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