Take all your preconceived ideas about Fear the Walking Dead and set it on fire. This show is different now. Photo Credit: AMC/Fear the Walking Dead

Nick didn’t want to have to admit it, but the weevils won the battle of the food at the stadium. Nick watches helplessly as he has to burn the crops and watches others dig up all of the food in the stadium.

Back to present day, everyone loads up into the SWAT vehicle. Al is to tell the others where to go to get to the location of where she found the flag. Al doesn’t give them all of the information, because she wants their stories still. She is sneaky and was able to get out of zip tied hands, Nick and Al fight inside, Al is able to get the upper hand on Nick. When she sees a number of walkers she asks for the group to drive around them, that’s when Nick fights back again, causing them to run into Luciana who was driving and crash off of an embankment.

From the crash Nick is knocked out, when he finally wakes up all of the walkers are dead. His group is now the ones held hostage. John and Al are trying to get the vehicle unstuck but are having no luck. Al says they have to help get the vehicle out now since they did this. Luciana says if they untie them they will show them where some trucks are they passed earlier. Strand says that sometimes you have to show a leap of faith.

Nick stays behind as a tied up prisoner, Morgan offers to stay and guard Nick as he will just slow them down with his leg. The other group departs, Morgan is reading his book, Nick asks Morgan if he can get him some food out of his backpack for him. Morgan goes and cuts the tie loose and tells him he can get his own food. He sets the knife on the step, and Nick asks if he is worried that he will take it. Morgan stops him twice with the stick, and then trips Nick as he tries to run away. Morgan says he is not worried, Nick admits defeat and gets some food. He asks if Morgan is hungry, he offers him some of his bar asking if he likes peanut butter. Throw back to Michonne! Morgan says yes he does like peanut butter and thanks him for the food. Morgan tells Nick he is going to go up to the road, and if Nick moves more than 5 feet from the truck, where Nick cuts him off and says he gets it.


It’s not karate, but it’s still cool! Photo Credit: AMC/Fear The Walking Dead

Morgan trains on the road, his knee is hurt again, while Nick is snooping in the truck. He watches the tape of Morgan’s confessions. An El Camino is fast approaching in the distance on the road. Morgan hustles himself back into the truck and tells Nick to get down and hide. He looks out and sees the familiar El Camino and loses his mind. He fights with Morgan, he bites him, and also punches Morgan in his bad leg to get free. In the scuffle the lock from Al’s locker breaks off, and they set off some horrible never ending horn feature.

Nick hustles to the street, Morgan asks Nick to throw him his stick which is on the road. Nick in a total d move, just runs with a hammer following the car. As if he can catch the car on foot. Nick stops to look at flowers, which never is a good idea, he sees some blue flowers. Walkers are coming for Nick and two are able to take him down, Nick is able to bash one in the head but the other is literally right on him. Morgan comes and saves the day and pikes the other walker in the head with his stick. He helps Nick up and says the horn is pulling all of the walkers out of the woods towards them and they need to leave and find a safe place to hide.

Back to the past, Nick and Madison are outside looking for supplies. Nick reluctantly decided to go out to try to help find supplies since farming didn’t go well. He doesn’t understand why his mom wants to go out it’s to depressing. They get to a spot and hear the other hunters are around 0-8 and hope the location had a soup kitchen. But no, Nathan, the guys name and his El Camino are already there. Nick asks if they are being followed and Nathan says they just need to get a faster car. Madison says it’s OK they are 0-9 and just head to the next location. Someone is trying to talk to Madison but Charlie hears them on a radio. Now we know how the Vultures know where to look. Nathan goads Nick saying that he can make sure his family is fed unlike Nick. Nick gets pissed and puts a knife up to Nathan’s neck and leaves a mark.

Bringing you back to present day, Nick asks Morgan why he helped him. Morgan says he doesn’t kill, Nick tells Morgan he needs to lay off the karate until his leg heals. Morgan tells him it’s not karate, but won’t say what it is exactly. Nick pries to try to find out who Morgan lost, he tells him he saw the tape, he loses people and he loses himself. He says he knows that Morgan doesn’t kill now, but he did before. Morgan warns Nick that things won’t end how he thinks they will, but if Nick wants to hunt someone down that’s his business.

The other group make it back to the truck. They see all the walkers and hear the horn on the truck. Al doesn’t want to leave the truck, she has important things inside. John says they can come back for the truck, Morgan might need their help, he can’t get far on his bad leg. John sees a stick arrow pointing in a direction so he knows they got out of the truck alive. Al lets John go, Luciana ends up joining too to look for Nick and Morgan. Strand and Alicia offer to stay and get the truck, but the deal is they have to help them, she has to not only tell where the flag came from but show them, and help them end it, all the way until it’s over. Al says in return she wants their stories, to answer every question she has. Alicia agrees, and she goes down to get the attention and fight off walkers by the truck. She just starts slaying walkers all over the place, some shots are put in here and their for cover, she is able to get under the SWAT vehicle and attach a cable to get it pulled out.

Morgan finds the hipster Nathan loading up supplies in his car from a storage. He tells Morgan to keep walking, that their is nothing here for him old man. Morgan tells him he needs to leave, Nick catches up, and sees Nathan. He has a hammer behind his back and Nathan is shocked to see Nick. Morgan stands in the way of Nick, Nick looks at Morgan with total vengeance. Nick asks Morgan if he is going to do what it takes to stop him, he did before, and he can again, but Morgan steps aside. Morgan heads back towards the truck, Nick heads back towards Nathan.

Nick attacks Nathan from behind. We see Morgan heading back but he sees the flowers, thinks about it, and heads back quickly to Nick. Nathan has a knife, while Nick has a hammer, they fight hard back and forth, during the struggle a mounted deer head falls off the wall. Nick is able to get the upper hand and throws Nathan on top of the antlers. It pierces into his skin, Nick goes and two hand pushes Nathan further into the antlers while looking at his face with hate. Nathan finally dies.

We see John and Luciana on the trail, John finds the dead walkers and sees the stick trauma to the head of one and says they are winning. Luciana has them keep moving, John asks why Nick was afraid that she wouldn’t come back. He felt bad but she said it was OK. She did leave once, John asks if she left and loved him, she says she did love him but left anyways. The truck catches back up with them and the new happy gang is together to look for Morgan and Nick.

Morgan returns and Nick asks him what he wants. Morgan says to answer your question, I lost my wife, son and my friends before I lost myself. I know where you are Nick. I didn’t think I would ever come back, until I met a man who taught me that all life is precious, it helped, and it still does, a nod to Eastman. Nick wants to know how exactly, Morgan says this helped, the book, “the art of peace.” Nick says it’s to late, Morgan says no it’s not. He tells Nick they can talk about it, they can talk about anything, he gives the book to Nick. Nick goes to read the book, Morgan hears the truck in the distance and goes towards the main street to let them know they are safe.

Luciana, Alicia and Strand go to find Nick, Morgan tells them he is around the corner. Al stays inside to check the interior. She sees the lock is broken and she frantically looks through the boxes. She is relived to know that 24 tapes of her recordings are safe. Nick puts the book in his back pocket and grabs the flower. We ask ourselves again, where is Madison current day? We had back to the past, Madison tells Nick that when she goes out she tries to find something good every trip. It could be a bad billboard trying to sell ravioli or whatever but she looks for positives. She comes up across a field with blue bonnet flowers and told him see I told you their is still good out here in this world. Now we know why Nick stopped, and kept a blue bonnet flower. In the past Nick lays in the field.

Current day and we hear a gunshot! He has blood in his chest and in his hand. It was that little BITCH CHARLIE! I’m shocked, she looks shocked, smoking gun in her hand. Nick falls, and Charlie takes off. Luciana and Alicia are the first around the corner, Alicia chases after Charlie, I’m not sure if she knows it was her at first. But loses her and goes back to Nick. The three try to stop the bleeding, try to save Nick, but it’s a losing effort, Nick is off the board. I can’t believe it! Morgan is in shock, I’m shook, Alicia is crying. This show has sure been unpredictable this season! Nick dies with a blue bonnet in his hand.


Is this real life? Photo Credit: AMC/Fear the Walking Dead