We have come to the final episode of The Handmaid’s Tale season three. I will be linking the articles from episode one to episode twelve at the end of this article. Last episode Mrs. Lawrence died by suicide. June could have saved her but decided the risk of Mrs. Lawrence’s mental instability was too great to risk.

June is reliving a memory of when women were taken captive and sorted out. June watched as women and children were burned alive. June is preparing to get fifty-two kids out of Gilead no matter what. June collected a bunch of soap and is boiling it down. The other women make preparations for the children that are coming. One child and Martha come hours early.

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Serena is preparing to talk to the Canadian Government. She looks very comfortable and will be allowed to leave the facility shortly. The Martha changes her mind shortly after arriving. She tries to take the child with her. June gets the gun that Commander Lawrence gave her and threatens to shoot the Martha.

Commander Lawrence tries to pull the plug on the whole operation. June stands up to him and tells him how it’s going to be. She is not allowing the plan to be stopped.

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Commander Waterford is being questioned. He tries to get back at Serena by telling on her. The official is not taking the bait. Commander Waterford tries telling them that Serena acted beyond the laws of Gilead and God. Somehow Commander Waterford got him to listen which resulted in Serena’s arrest in front of Nichole.

The kids start showing up to the Lawrence home. The amount that show up is more than the fifty-two anticipated. The Martha that escaped earlier tattled on June. The Eye is doing a house to house serch. The Matha’s, children and June all leave before the house can be searched. They make it to the air field just before The Eye shows up. Unfortunately the cannot cross in the way they planned. June walks to the spot where The Eye is. She put up a valiant fight as did all the Marthas and Handmaids that backed her up. Some got out. Others gave their lives.

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