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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind The First Mission from the Boss

Episode 9 raps up the second arc in Part 5 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure with Bruno’s gang successfully making its way to Capri and acquiring the massive fortune that Polpo had stored away. This treating the audience to the amusing hiding place, that really is somewhere no one would look, as Bruno had hidden the materials all behind a urinal in a men’s bathroom using his stand power.

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A good portion of the rest of the episode is exposition. Pericolo first explaining how Bruno is now higher ranked in the gang, that he has to take on all of Polpo’s previous engagements and that there is one left, specifically the guarding of the gang boss’s daughter. There is more speculation and wonderment at the boss’s true identity, as well as Pericolo telling the group that someone is out to get the boss’s daughter for leverage or information about him. Here we are also introduced to the daughter, Trish Una, the final main protagonist of Part 5. Here she is also given a bit of characterization as both spoiled and able to fend for herself. The final part of the episode ends with Narancia going shopping for several required, food, and requested, make up and stockings for Trish, items and getting ambushed there by Formaggio, one of those looking to kidnap Trish. Here both Formaggio’s power, Little Feet which can shrink himself and others, and Narancia’s, Aerosmith a prop-plane complete with machine guns and bombs, are revealed as the violent exchange and battle of wits is prepared.

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The majority of the episode is a bit dull with the lack of anything intriguing going on and the continued re-iteration of some material we already know such as the boss’s extreme secrecy. This is not help though by my own foreknowledge of everything that will transpire. It was also a little disappointing how fortune itself looked rather scant both in general and especially in comparison to the manga. But the addition of Fugo getting mad at Trish using his jacket to wipe her hands more than makes up for it. The Narancia and Formaggio fight was fantastic in the manga though and so far David Productions has yet to let down in that regard.

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