In season 4 we will get to see the gang together again in their senior year. Hopefully this means it won’t be the last or the last of Jughead. As we saw in the season finale of season 3, Jughead was mia when the three of the four group members were standing in a clothing bonfire in which his beanie was thrown into. From the trailer I suspect that Jughead may have gotten kidnapped by one of his enemies he has made by being a serpent. Perhaps Penelope got a hold of him, after all he did figure out her plan in a matter of seconds after being invited to her death dinner. From the sound of Betty’s cries to find Jughead I couldn’t conclude if he went missing or if he’s dead, but the trailer shows that he is very much so alive for now.

It’s not in this particular trailer, but it has been confirmed that the first episode in season four will show the memorial of Fred Andrews. Archie fell to his knee’s and eventually grew angry, but it was warming to see the town to come together. Their was nothing, but great things said about Fred, the town’s people even went as far as to say that Fred was Riverdale. Without him in Archie’s corner, it will be harder for him to push through his last year, but I’m sure Veronica will have no problem comforting him through his grieving process. I’m curious to find out what is cause of death will be and if he will get justice.

I also noticed that Betty will be addressed about her dark side by a professional. She still had nightmares from the night she shot her father and that one time may have brought out her inner bad girl to play.  She has marks on her hands and was told that she was a danger to society. This maybe an interference with her partnership with her long lost brother Charles. Betty did a good job of hiding her dark side in the first three seasons, maybe we will finally get to see how far she can really go. I hope that she won’t eventually be institutionalized, but if she has the capability of being a killer it can mean another blackhood in Riverdale. From the trailer I can tell her senior year will not br so grand thanks to her mental health.

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