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Frasier Does Klingon

Sitcom Fun: Frasier Meets Star Trek

One of the fun things about watching sitcom TV is when they stick in fun jokes from other fan genres.  Vectoring sci-fi elements have been a long-standing was to add interesting elements to a long-running show.

In the 1950’s, comedian Jack Benny turned over an entire episode of his comedy show to Rod Serling, where Rod tried to convince Benny that his entire show was a figment of his Twilight Zone imagination.


Screenshot Source: The Game of Nerds


In the 1960’s, the Dick Van Dyke show did a Twilight Zone-oriented show, when Danny Thomas posed as an alien from the Twylo Zone, bent on replacing all of Rob Petrie’s work staff and loved ones with alien replacements.   This episode had a fantastic scene where a possessed Mary Tyler Moore emerged from a closet packed to the roof with walnuts…


But my favorite what moment from sitcom history has to be a short bit of Klingon from the Frasier show.  Frasier is a comfortable show; you know you’re going to get a few witty sitcom tropes in each 22-minute episode.  But in the “Star Mitzvah” show, Frasier pulls out the stops when he gives his son Fredrick a Bar Mitzvah speech in Klingon.

Source: Fraiser

Why not?  It’s a fun way to roll the mainstream world into the sci-fi nerd world, and Kelsey Grammar did his part in a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode himself, as Captain Morgan Bateson in the episode “Cause and Effect”…


Source: Star Trek: The Next Generation


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