Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds

Are we in a midseason slump? Or is it just me?

Last week on Brooklyn Nine Nine we were introduced to Adrian Pimento (Jason Mantzoukas–otherwise known as Dennis Feinstein), a cop who was undercover as a bag boy in the mob for 12 years. And it really screwed him up. The dark humor throughout this week’s episode was just unenjoyable (to me, at least). I guess this has it’s audience, but has it EVER been the B99 audience? This show is known for it’s light, silly humor…not jokes about not being able to close your eyes while you bash someone’s head in, right?? I’m just confused, honestly. Jake was trying to prove to Adrian the entire episode that he understood what it was like to be undercover–that he understood those dark feelings–but he didn’t. And just as Jake was confused and trying to figure out Adrian’s actions throughout the entire episode, so were we, and as I said before, it wasn’t enjoyable. I THINK Adrian attacked that perp at the end of the episode which should mean we won’t see him again…I hope.

Elsewhere in the 99 (and on slightly lighter notes)

~Gina shot a video of the 99’s abysmal (technology + garbage) state so Holt could get the precinct new computers. Her vision was obviously very GINA, which doesn’t really fit with HOLT’S vision. Pizzazz doesn’t fit everywhere, babe. In the end, Gina edited an ASPCA/Sarah McLachlan-style video of the 99…that’s sure to get them what they need.

~Onto the most interesting plot of the episode (which is sad), Boyle, Amy, and Terry needed to get the break room cleaned up after Boyle caused a soup explosion. They couldn’t do it on their own so they had to go see “Mean Marge” (Kate Flannery–otherwise known as Meredith from The Office), who was harsh as hell and ran the sanitation department like the mob (are we sure Adrian wasn’t undercover down there?) After a sort of sanitation standoff, complete with piles of nasty garbage sure to many anyone crack, the 99 decided the best thing to do would be to pay Marge some respect, by naming the break room after her. Moral of the story here: don’t try to make gross stew in your break room–stick to small microwavable foods.

As I said earlier, this was a weak episode. 2/5 glasses.