From the universe of the psychological horror “Fran Bow”, Killmonday Games AB brings us “Little Misfortune”. We follow the day with Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez trying to find eternal happiness to give to her mother.

Little Misfortune 1

Photo Source: Little Misfortune – Killmonday Games AB (Developer and Publisher)

First, we would like to say that while this game lacked in some areas it was decently coordinated in a way that made it entertaining for its brief run. For us, the highlights of the game were the art and the voice acting for Misfortune. The environment was simple but the art work put into it made it something special. Each little area had a beautiful arrangement but we will discuss more on this later in the text. On the other hand, the voice for Misfortune was so unique and captivating we found ourselves hanging off of every word. Some lines and phrases felt a little over used at times, but this sweet, innocent voice made audiences fall in love with the sweet little Misfortune. The overall story was interesting and connected with players to the point that the ending really struck a cord.

Unfortunately, the low points were the simple puzzles that offered little to no challenge and the sense that the scenes were to limited/ narrow. “Little Misfortune” lacked a challenging game-play to offer more advanced players and beginners may find the game a little to dark for their taste (all depends on age and skill). With a rated M for mature (ages 17 and up), audiences may have a difficult time resonating with the game. The games price is also debatable, being around twenty dollars.

Little Misfortune 4

Photo Source: Little Misfortune – Killmonday Games AB (Developer and Publisher)

Symbolism is the most intriguing thing that captivates the mind will playing this game. As players progress, there are several choices and images that make you question your next step or perspective of the forthcoming events. This fact is only made more emotional considering the protagonist is an eight year old girl who has had a pretty rough life up to this point. The symbolism can make it hard to distinguish what is reality versus another state of mind (the ending is what makes this more clear). The somewhat plain, repeated dialogue is spiced up with the desire to investigate the happenings of this world.

Little Misfortune 5

Photo Source: Little Misfortune – Killmonday Games AB (Developer and Publisher)

Misfortune made this game precious with her sweet innocence and lovely voice but we wanted more from her. As we have stated, we loved the voice acting for the character and wish there had been a greater variety of dialogue for her character (particular reference to the little lady line). Misfortune can easily be noted as a main character of worth in the indie game community for this season for her fun personality/ creativity.

Little Misfortune 3

Photo Source: Little Misfortune – Killmonday Games AB (Developer and Publisher)

As far as the ending is concerned, it was heart felt and genuinely seemed to connect all the pieces/ symbolism that had taken place throughout the game. Many questions were answered and ending with a sense of fulfillment. However, we did find the secret ending to be a bit dark despite its attempts to make the ending happy.

Overall verdict for “Little Misfortune” is average. There were pros and cons but in the end this game will offer a reasonable entertainment period for an indie game. Between this and “Fran Bow”, “Fran Bow” is the winner.

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