Games Workshop has just announced they are going to be teaming up with Marvel in order to be producing comics set in the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 universes. There are no more official details beyond that the first comics are expected in late 2020 but it does raise a number of interesting questions.

The first is if there will be other levels of collaboration between the two companies. Currently Asmodee  is slated to be producing a Marvel based miniatures game, but the connection between Games Workshop and Marvel could certainly be leveraged later if Marvel decided to switch the license and Games Workshop, for being the premiere tabletop miniature maker in the world, has been surprisingly sparse with producing licensed material beyond their own.

There is also the concern about how the Games Workshop brand will be portrayed by Marvel. Marvel itself has a rather different tone in most of its productions than Warhammer does, especially 40k. So how these conflicting portrayals pan out will be an interesting development. I do worry that Games Workshop will continue as it has in recent years moving away from its origins as a pulp setting heavily influenced by 1980s art such as Heavy Metal Magazine and instead morph more into generic modern fantasy and science fiction. This could certainly make Warhammer more immediately appealing to a wider audience but in doing so it could lose its originality and some of its long term appeal.