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photo source: (Mathieu Young / FOX)


So this episode kicks off with the impending tsunami. Now being from California it was kind of like OK the show is really reaching for a disaster. So let’s throw a random Tsunami at the cast. I feel like a Tsunami would have been more plausible after the earthquake, or is this part of that earthquake last summer. But then that was awhile ago, so now while it makes for great TV, the likelihood of a random tsunami happening in California, is just not that believable to me. But that is just my opinion. The other things I wonder is, is this Buck’s redemption? Is this how he is going to show that he is a worthy fireman or is the fact that he is saving lives going to go unnoticed. So, not only is he worried about Christopher, he has other people to care about. It just seems like it will end bad.

Then we take a look at our other characters. Station 118 is out on the road trying to save lives and Athena gets stuck in a huge pileup with her daughter. And of course she then takes over the situation and starts directing people to the side. But of course water ends up and downed power lines force her to take charge to get the power turned off so people wont die of electrocution. And of course in typical LA fashion people are worried about the wrong thing. I didn’t like the fact that they had May applying pressure to the wounded woman’s neck. I thought it was unnecessary, although now she has something to write her college essays about.

So it looks like the whole crew is outside trying to help as many people as they can. There is flooding everywhere and they are having a hard time trying to figure out where to put people but Maddie comes up with the great idea of using the old VA hospital, courtesy of Chim’s help. So I am sorta confused as to what her role is. Do they want her to be a nurse or do they want her to be a 911 operator. Every episode she ends up crying. They fought for her to stay an operator but they seem to always need a nurse to assist either he coworkers or the the people in distress. Pick a roll and have her focus on that. I do however, like where her relationship with Chimney is going although it may not last.

There wasn’t much going on in the show this week besides focusing on the tsunami that hit. Maddie lost one caller already and Buck is shielding Christopher from the worst of the disaster while trying to save other lives. He ends up trying to save the lives of some other first responders and Christopher gets knocked into the water. Right at the point where another waves looks to be about to hit the coast again. We leave off with Buck frantically shouting for Christopher, as he has fallen in the water again. Not much happened this episode and everyone is kind of fighting to stay alive or keep others alive while bracing for more disasters to come.