We’ve all waited for it from the beginning – Legendary Pokémon. We all want them, no one has them, but all of that changes Saturday, July 22 with the unveiling of the new update at Pokemon Go Fest.

Pokemon Go LEGENDARY Trailer – Niantic

During Pokemon Go Fest players across the world will need to go out and collectively catch an undisclosed ridiculous amount of Pokemon of certain types to unlock bonuses AT the event. Event goers will then have to take the baton and do their share/participate in the first legendary raid, and upon success it will be distributed globally, supposedly.

Pokemon Go Fest – Niantic

Event times are Noon-12:30, 1-1:30pm, and 3-3:30pm EST

So we need all Pokemon Go hands on deck slinging balls and getting us all what we’ve been wanting for the last year!

Pokemon Go Legendary Trailer – Niantic

Many sites are speculating who the first will be– My money is on Mewtwo so, since it was in the first ever Pokemon Go Trailer and at the end of the new one and it would cause such a buzz– but a lot are saying that because the legendary birds are in the teaser trailer below that they will be the first releases.

Pokemon Go Legendary Trailer – Niantic

Pokemon Go LEGENDARY Trailer

While the actual specifics on the new raids aren’t fully revealed in the trailer, and the crowds hype is “slightly exaggerated” (I argue it’s not, and am salivating rewatching the trailer), we know the legendary raids will last longer, be harder, have these BAMF new designs, and, most importantly, they are officially upon us.

Pokemon Go Legendary Trailer – Niantic

We don’t yet know where the Legendary raids will be once the release goes globally, but you’ll know the second we do. Because we need these fantastic beasts and this is the only way to find them!

Pokemon Go Legendary Trailer – Niantic