They say the body has crazy responses to stimuli. One being, if an object is too adorable humans want to squeeze them to death. Don’t believe me? Check out what National Geographic has to say on the matter. Either way, Bitten Toast Games Inc., has created a slew of characters so cute I could squeeze them to death in “Garden Paws”.

Feeding Chick garden paws

Your character’s grandparents have finally retired and left you their farm! Take your adorable character on the journey of a lifetime filled with, farming, fishing, mining, exploration, and combat. In addition to running the family business, a quaint shop. This is the best way to earn coins and help your fellow citizens build up the town. According to the Garden Paws’ website players can sell anything from flowers to poop. How the poop is collected is beyond me, but the idea is highly intriguing.

glider garden paws

The aspect of Garden Paws that really peaked my interest was the customization of the character. One can play as a bear, a bunny, or a kitty with several different color patterns and accessories. When I found out it was a farming simulator, similar to Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon, I was hooked. All things farming excite me and I knew I had to give the demo a go.

forest garden paws

While I personally had a rough start with the controls, I’m terrible at using any keyboard key that doesn’t have an arrow, it was easy to pick up. The animation was just as great as it was in the snapshots and I found myself ogling over the landscape. The cartoonish realism was stunning, and I often led my sweet bear running toward the trees. This combined with the tranquil music and the adorable conversations I encountered, made for a riveting experience. Overall, the demo had me hungry for more, and I am excited to see what the finished product has in store.

bunny sunset garden paws

After looking over the press page there was one final thing about Garden Paws that made my heart melt. The creators Daniel Snd and Kristina Vandale are a couple and created Garden Paws as a game to play with each other. If that isn’t the sweetest thing ever, I don’t know what is. Garden Paws actually allows for up to three additional players which is definitely something that lacks in other farming simulators. Overall, the love and detail that Snd and Vandale put into Garden Paws is apparent and I encourage anyone who loves a good farming simulator to check out their Kickstarter and see it for themselves.