One thing I find myself doing when I’m stressed is searching for content on Kickstarter. I love seeing all the creative titles people are dedicating their lives to and being able to help when I can. The indie community is welcoming, and I try to do my part to bring creators and future fans together, one article at a time. So, when I saw the game Naporia, I knew I had to share it with other fans of the farming RPG genre.

Naporia logo

Source: Naporia

Naporia is a fantasy style farming game currently in development by Team Lovebite. The village of Naporia is home to mythical creatures turned cutesy villagers including, werewolves, demons, and unicorns. Players are human, male or female, who has recently shunned their father’s idea of them becoming a professional tycoon and inheriting the family business. To really stick it to dad, and fulfill a life-long dream, the player bought a suspiciously cheap plot of land in this mysterious town, eager to begin their new relaxing life.

some fruits and vegetables

Source: Naporia

As players are enjoying their new farming lifestyle, they can raise never before seen animals and grow unique crops, including crystal berries, paw-ches, and Walter-melons that look suspiciously like Nick Cage. There is even a mine on the property that players can use to well mine for ores and gems. If you’re looking to take a break from work, there are also festivals and delightful villagers to befriend. This includes 12 romanceable characters!


Source: Naporia

When I saw Naporia, I instantly got Rune Factory to meet Steven Universe’s vibe. Heather, the ghost looks like a character Steven could really enjoy sharing a cookie cat with. Overall, I’m impressed with Lovebite’s creativity and ability to craft such a cute world without losing the country charm a farming simulator needs to have. Naporia does have a bit of an Ooblets feel, but yet, it’s a game all its own. With all-new animals, crops, and villagers, I think Naporia is revolutionizing the framing RPG genre. In the end, I’m excited to see the final product and urge everyone to check it out!