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Here’s my take on last week’s Ramsay Street antics:

Pierce’s Parenting

Pierce was trying his best to parent his irritating 90s-wannabe child this week, without a lot of success. Hendrix is currently going through that period that most new characters go through, where they are very annoying and cause a lot of trouble, but eventually their flaws get ironed out a little bit and they become less vexing – please see Roxy for an example of a character currently undergoing this process. The sooner this happens to Hendrix, the better, because he is currently about as welcome on my TV screen as a feature-length documentary about slugs.

neighbours hendrix

Please make him go away. Photo: © Leesa Greer/Channel 5 Source: Digital Spy

Pierce’s parenting skills have got to be pretty bad because he’s going to Chloe for advice, and she would not be my first port of call on Ramsay Street for help in that department. Fashion tips or party planning, maybe, but not parenting. She’s actually doing pretty well at it, surprisingly, although someone should tell her that it’s kind of hard to look authoritative when you have your hair in Baby Spice style pigtails.

Mr Bland is Back

Finn has had a very bizarre fixation with Elly’s pregnancy and who’s involved, when actually it’s nobody’s damn business apart from Elly’s. He’s been interfering with who she takes to her birthing classes, and then he got his nose all pushed out of joint because David and Aaron were planning to refurbish a cot for the baby, and he was planning to do the same. His preoccupation with Shaun being more involved with Elly’s pregnancy, despite him being on another continent, culminated with Finn arranging for the world’s blandest man to move from said other continent to come and grace us all with his almost entirely forgettable visage once again.

Except, maybe Shaun isn’t as bland as all that, because he’s up to something dodgy which involves Elly signing something. Is he going for custody? Whatever is happening, David is suspicious. How long before he gets Mark to do some detective work?

Midlife Mark

Talking of Mark, he almost won the comedy prize for this week. I’m a pretty big fan of Drunk Mark, and he put in another appearance as he dived headlong into some sort of early midlife crisis. Roxy threw a party for Sheila, which got rowdy thanks to Hendrix and his antics, and the police were called. Mark is pretty much the only cop in Erinsborough, so obviously he was the one who had to come and break up the party, and ended up draped in a very drunk Roxy. With their clandestine relationship made very public, Mark reacted by yelling at Roxy and generally being a bit of a tool.

neighbours mark roxy

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They made up, but their odd couple dynamic concerned Aaron and Chloe, who decided to try to stage some sort of intervention because of Mark’s uncharacteristic behaviour.

This was hands-down my favourite scene of the week, as a drunk Mark sat in his undercrackers and had a petulant teenage tantrum about his siblings’ meddling. Then he yelled at them in the street while running about on Terese’s drive with Roxy, still in his undies. He gave Shaun some first class sass in the pub too, complete with an incredibly sarcastic thumbs up. More moody, midlife crisis Mark in Cops Gone Wild, please – it’s so entertaining.

Roxy Is Growing On Me

OK, I’ll admit it, I don’t hate her as much as I used to, and I very nearly spat Fanta down my nose when she referred to Sheila as “Mama Jugs”.