This week’s episode of Scorpion featured more than just tension between a protagonist and antagonist. Emotions ran high, and fuel pressure gauges ran low. Not a good combo. But everyone managed to make it out in one piece, emotionally and physically.

The main points of the episode are this:

  • Happy has been spending a lot of time with Walter, Paige, and Ralph. Like a lot of time. Understandably, Paige wants to spend time with her new boyfriend without a third wheel, so she gently confronts Happy about the issue. But our girl Happy takes offense immediately and becomes hostile toward Paige. Cue the nuclear warhead issue.
  • The team takes a case in which they must decommission a nuclear missile. But Happy’s unhappy feelings distract her, and she accidentally drops a tool which ruptures a fuel tank and releases toxic fumes along with hundreds of gallons of fuel. They’re forced to endure and maneuver around the fumes while preventing the nuke from detonating.
  • Happy admits that she has been compulsively drawn toward Walter and Paige because of their nuclear family set-up (the creativity just kept flowing with nuclear references) after Toby pointed it out. But the big kicker is that Happy doesn’t just want to be near a family with a mother figure like Paige. She wants to be a mother. Soon.

By far the most exciting thing about this episode was Happy firming declaring that she wants a baby. We’ve all known for a while that it was bound to happen eventually, but the time has come and baby fever is about to strike the Scorpion team. I’m predicting a lot of anxiety about the subject from most of the team. Paige and Walter are going to be great god-parents, by the way.

Most disappointing was the lack of jokes about Cabe’s new badge. He’s been temporarily demoted to Scorpion’s “junior intern”, but no one is going to make any wisecracks? I was sure that the Air Force personnel would at least give him some sideways looks.

The episode overall was pretty good. It feels as though the plot of each episode is gaining more predictability as we go along, but that’s alright as long as we get our fix of interpersonal development between the team members and their peers. Hopefully that will pick up even more when a new variable bundle of joy is thrown into the equation!

How did you like “Nuke Kids on the Block”? What moments stood out, and what left you on the edge of your seat? Let me know in the comments and get geared up for the next episode!