1. Barb. Poor, sweet Barb. Where are you???
  2. Nancy, I hope you’re happy. While you were doing the nasty, your innocent friend was attacked by a monster.
  3. I know I would be the first to die in a horror movie because if something like this ever happened to me I’d just close my eyes, count to ten, and hope I go to heaven.
  4. Seriously though where the f**k is Barb right now?!?
  5. I didn’t have a teenage rebellion stage so I don’t relate to characters like Nancy.
  6. Oh sh*t am I going to have a rebellion in my 30’s?
  7. Jonathan, Joyce ain’t crazy. Well, maybe she is a little bit.
  8. Dustin and I are kindred spirits. I’m gonna take snack food with me everywhere now and just say “I need energy for my travels, for stamina!”
  9. Omg Mike & 11 though ❤
  10. She got heart eyes when he gave her his watch.
  11. Oh Nancy and Steve. My faves…
  12. Don’t you wonder where Barb is ya betch?
  13. Hopper’s really growing on me.
  14. 11 can make the Millennium Falcon fly!
  15. Watching TV for the first time really is a magical experience. I haven’t stopped watching since.
  16. 11 is gonna crush all these government guys heads in with her powers or something.
  17. I’m picturing something similar to Magneto’s story in Xmen: First Class.
  18. Hopper, they’re hiding something!!!! You’re smart buddy!
  19. WHERE IS BARB. Did she die already?? cries
  20. This octopus thing is making me a little sick. Or it could be the sushi I just ate.
  21. 11 looking around Nancy’s room is making my heart break! She never got a childhood–she was a lab rat!
  22. I hate these ”popular” kids with a burning passion.
  23. I hate these bullies too!
  24. I just got the song “Rude” stuck in my head because of them.
  25. Joyce, cool it with the lights. Think of the electric bills!!
  26. Look at these huge 80’s projector things in the Library!! I don’t even know what they’re called because I’m such a millennial!
  27. Oh shit the Christmas lights are turning on!
  28. NO LITTLE HOLLY! Watch out!!!!
  29. OMG
  30. NO
  31. I’m gonna cry.
  32. Thank god Joyce saved Holly.
  33. I love how Barb’s mom is just casually like “oh no I haven’t seen Barb in like 48 hours it’s fine”
  34. I hate these popular kids, but Jonathan’s really screwed up too…so idk I guess they just all suck.
  35. NO. They tried to make 11 KILL A CAT?
  36. 11 is hella powerful. But obviously at a cost.
  37. So is this white-haired jerk face her dad?
  38. Father of the year right here.
  39. He’s like, way worse than Kilgrave’s parents.
  40. 11 and Mike 5ever. This is probably the first time I’ve shipped 12 year olds.
  41. Nancy, I’m glad you’re finally showing some real concern for your BFF. But I’m still mad at you.
  42. Oh I didn’t know Joyce had a dog! Dogs make everything better.
  43. You know, now if a light ever goes out in my house I’m gonna think a monster’s in my wall. GREAT.
  44. How could Will actually be communicating through the lights though?
  45. I mean, this show is called Stranger Things so I’m not gonna say it isn’t possible.
  46. Hopper YOU GOT IT. He’s a smart dude. Making them connections.
  47. Oh God, Joyce is getting a message!
  48. RIGHT HERE??
  49. RUN?
  50. HOLY CRAP!
  51. Aww I was REALLY hoping he’s still be alive.
  52. I still think he might be.
  53. The Hawkins lab people dumped him in there for sure.
  54. They knew Hopper was getting too close.