This episode was entirely ironic. The kids (Louise, Tina and Gene) wanted to save their beloved aquarium from closing down for good. Judy wasn’t paying her taxes so the IRS wasn’t having that. It might have been Louise, voiced by none other than (Kristen Schaal) who browsed the web and found out that institutions of religion were exempt from taxes and conversed with Judy into converting (no pun intended) the aquarium into a place of worship. Meanwhile, adjacent to this, Bob and Linda were having their own situation. Linda was racking up tips from her customers as if they didn’t own a burger joint but a strip club, but Bob couldn’t figure out how. Linda told him she could teach him a thing or two about getting tips but Bob really didn’t know what he was doing. He’s not that fond of human interaction (kind of like me) so he wasn’t getting tips like Linda. Back to Aquaticism. The kids and Judy put in their application online to the IRS and got a visit from the agent who pulled the application. He wanted to visit and confirm this was actually a place of worship. The kids spent so much time making banners and fake literature to pass it off as such. They even put up a church calendar and added fake events to it, one being a singles mixers. This got the attention of the agent who became more than eager to attend. He became very enthused by the “religion” and kind of with Judy herself. So much so that when the kids told him he had to get baptized with the jellyfish, he was down for the cause. He managed to hop in the tank just before someone yelled out this was not a real religion. All in all, this was another humorous episode of Bobs Burgers. I can’t wait to see what next week has in store.