Okay, so it’s more of a count up, but details, details. Since the announcement was made that Supernatural’s 15th season will be its last, I find myself feeling nostalgic. So, for the next several weeks I’ll be posting and writing about the five (in my opinion) best episodes of each season. This is by no means a definitive list, nor is it in any particular order, but I will fight anyone who tries to argue that these are not the best of a very long, very beautifully painful show.

1. Baby

courtesy of CW

Honestly, I can’t think of anything more iconic to this series than the 1967 Impala that has been the home a refuge to Dean and Sam. It took 11 years, but the show finally did justice to this beautiful machine in “Baby,” which is told entirely from the POV of the car. It’s funny and sad and real, and frankly is a contender for my all-time favorite episode.

 2. Just My imagination

courtesy of CW

On the surface this episode is much like Sully: silly and meaningless. A little girl and her imaginary friend have a tea party… but things go terribly wrong. And get terribly awkward and silly. Sam’s imaginary friend from childhood shows up to ask for help, and the whole story reminds us about Sam’s tormented childhood and how much the younger Winchester has grown.

3. Red Meat

courtesy of CW

Look, I’m not gonna lie. This episode is fucked up. It’s also the first episode I ever review for TGON, so I have some special feelings for it. Dean’s self-destructive and near-suiicidal tendencies have been long alluded to throughout the series, but Red meat is when we finally start to see the real life, not “for the greater good” kind of fucked up lack of self worth the elder Winchester has.

 4. Hell’s Angel

courtesy of CW

Okay.  I have, for a while now, been sick of Lucifer and his whole storyline. I feel it’s tired and irrelevant. HOWEVER, Misha Collins playing Lucifer was a whole other ballgame. I mean. I can’t even tell you whether or not this was a great episode because I’m legit so distracted by Casifer…

5. Alpha and Omega

courtesy of CW

So…. you might have noticed that I have somehow avoided all episodes this seasons related to Amara and The Darkness. Well, to be honest, I really hate how the whole thing was handled, except for this finale. Dean & Co. were ready to go and sacrifice on the altar of violence to… not save the world so much as end the fighting. the thing that makes this episode stand out so much in my mind is that the whole travesty was avoided, for once, by talking. For real. No one had to die. No one had to give up everything. It just meant TALKING.

What did you think of Season 11? was there an episode I missed? Did you want to see more of Amara? Let me know what you think!