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Maggie’s family is reeling. Why? Well they have just found out what she did to protect Lucy, who of course is where? Back with Lord Fallon. She just cant seem to break free of his spell. I honestly believe she doesn’t want to. As soon as they find out they are quick to act. Charlotte goes to Lady Fitz, whom she just spent the night with. Not sure where that is going but I guess. I could have done without that. Nancy goes to look for Lucy, who is not in her bed because well she snuck out when no one was looking. And Will went to see Maggie. He is upset, rightfully so, and he asks her one question. Why? Her reason seems valid. She feels guilty for pushing her into being a harlot, then almost being raped, but she wasn’t a virgin. Is it truly guilt she feels or obligation? What about her other children? I just don’t know how good of an idea this can be because well they are aristocrats. They are almost above the law.

Low and behold Maggie’s plan is almost already falling apart. The Lord Chief justice is reluctant to do anything about Fallon and Hunt is trying and failing to save Maggie’s life. In the background, Emily’s lies are closing in on her. Charles has told his dear mama that Emily is pregnant. Quigley wants Emily and Charles back at her house so she can imprison them. OK, I am joking she just wants to watch Emily because she doesn’t trust her and she leaves Harriet in charge. Once again Harriet gets on my nerves with her arrogant attitude. Jumping back to Lucy, she is at the Marquess’ house pleading on behalf of Lord Fallon. Yeah, she doesn’t know about her mom rotting in jail for her. Everyone is trying their best to deal and Nancy seems to be taking it the hardest.

So, after learning about Lady Fitz’s secret daughter her incestuous brother has threatened her with Bedlam, the crazy house. Charlotte and Lady Fitz conspire together to get her daughter Sophia and to free Maggie. Let’s see if any part of that plan works. Quigley is spilling her guts to her brother. She tells him all about his sister’s bastard and where she is keeping her. He plans to go and get her as further leverage on his sister. Is it just me or are the aristocrats winning every small battle? I am not saying that it is not fair because well it isn’t, but it is very much one sided.

Oh gullible and dumb Lucy just gave Lord Fallon an alibi for stabbing Amelia and Hunt ends up losing his job in the process and there goes Maggie’s plan for taking Lord Fallon down. Predictable, not so much but expected, very much so. Lucy doesn’t even realize the grave consequences she just put her own mother in because of her lies. But no one knows just yet. Quigley has triumphed once again in one way. But she still wants Charlotte under her thumb, is it for love? Or is it for control? Who knows with Quigley and why she is so infatuated with the Wells’ women. In her visit with Maggie, she tries to get Maggie to convince Charlotte to come back to her after her death on the pretense of her protection.

Well one plan succeeded. Will has gotten to Sophia before the Marquess did. But now Quigley is stirring up the pot once again. She has it out for the Wells’ women. But those she once had in her pocket are starting to slip out and she convinces the Lord Chief justice to hang Margaret because she didn’t get her way. You can see that she has convinced her to save his own skin. He was ready to pardon her because Lady Fitz threatened to expose his trysts with Quigley. Anything to save their own skin should be the theme of this show. When the Lord Chief justice gives the order to hang her he all but blackmails Hunt into doing it. He informs Maggie, Nancy, and Charlotte and Charlotte is distraught. Maggie then finds out that her plan has failed to protect Lucy because of Lucy. Nothing is to be done now and Maggie falls apart.

The background stories are better than the forerunners. Emily is not pregnant so she is tupping every man she can to try and get pregnant. Harriet catches her and of course bestows some extra arrogant words upon Emily. But knowing Harriet’s track record, this could prove to be a big mistake. Maggie starts saying her goodbyes to her loved ones and Lucy of course is nowhere to be found. Charlotte goes to Fallon’s house to get Lucy but she is knocked out on the sofa courtesy of Lord Fallon and company. Who else does she meet there but Quigley. Quigley tells her what she did and how she changed the mind of the Justice.

Quigley is still trying to take her revenge on Charlotte while Maggie walks to her death. This whole situation just angers me. Because at one point it seemed as though they would win, even with the help of Lady Fitz. But there just seems to be no end to their continual suffering. However, one bright spot in all of this is Hunt. He just cannot seem to stomach what “his betters” are doing and decides not to hang Maggie and instead ships her off to America, Virginia to be exact. Even though he puts himself at risk, he simply cannot kill Maggie. So, Maggie is safe but her she will be without her family. Personal opinion, the actress who plays Maggie is leaving the show. Then they all find out what happened and are left to deal with her heartbreaking death.

Charlotte and Nancy are now trying to plan another take down of Quigley, you know, you would think that they would give up now. But it seems like they cannot help themselves. They enlist Emily’s help to get Abigail out of the house and Harriet tells all that Emily is not pregnant. Harriet irks my nerve. I do not like her character at all. Even when she loses her husband she is not humbled. She still feels like she is better than everyone. The show ends with Nancy keeping a vigil at Lord Fallon’s house.