There we go, we’re back on the main storyline that revolves around the witches coven getting mysteriously killed one by one. “Knightfall” was actually a Hook-centric story that in flashbacks covered the origins of his curse that he shares with Alice and back in the real world, his growing obsession with solving the witch coven murders. Honestly, if I had a guess, this episode could serve as a backdoor pilot to a Hook spin-off show if ABC chooses to go down that route next season. New Hook actually has a lot more baggage from his past and way more interesting stories to tell compared to his original counterpart from previous seasons. This is mostly due to the fact that New Hook actually stayed and got older in the alternate Enchanted Forest compared to normal Hook; he aged and had a daughter, Alice. etc. etc.

In the fairytale flashback, Hook sets out to finally free a young Alice from her mother’s curse of trapping her in the tower. Hook heads off to find the alternate Rumple, who’s still locked up in his cell by victorious Snow and Charming from years prior; Alt-Rumple tells Hook that a certain fish hook that a captain has can break the “chains” off of any magical barrier. Hook then sets his sights on the captain, but his ego gets in the way to save his legacy he made many years prior as the famous Captain Hook.

Back in the real world, three stories took place. Jacinda with Lucy, as Lucy was dealing with the after-effects of finding out that if the curse is broken, Henry will die. Then Henry and Ivy had a heart to heart with Ivy trying to figure out what to do with her life after her mother died and Henry telling her to reconnect with Jacinda and Lucy. And lastly our Rumple and Hook are on the trail of the witch coven murders, which took a big chunk of the screen time, that featured the adult Alice and her mother, Gothel.

Once Upon A Time — Knightfall

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Overall, the episode was really good and I wouldn’t mind watching more of just Hook and Rumple be cops solving crimes featuring actual magic to get the job done. There’s almost a Wolf Among Us/Fables type of vibe to it all. Which ironically was what Once Upon A Time was supposed to be all those years ago when it debuted six seasons ago. It’s just a shame that the show is going to wrap up and a Hook with this much bagged and character development to uncover still either won’t have his arc finished, may die at the end of the season or get an ending but leave the door wide open for something more to happen that we’ll never get to see. Damn it ABC, give us a Hook spin-off, he’s earned it!