Scorpion’s midseason finale was certainly a heart-warmer and left fans feeling the Christmas spirit! In true Scorpion fashion, their pleasant Christmas Eve morning is interrupted by a big case — a problem with the dam causes the pressure to rise and threatens to take out all of Los Angles.

But perhaps bigger than the dam issue is Walter’s recent behavior in the wake of his sister’s death 2 episodes prior. Toby and Paige notice that he’s been numbing to himself and any loyal fan’s mind goes to one thing: RABBIT HOLE. Walter is seemingly more and more detached from the rest of the team and they become concerned of his inability to think clearly. Walter assures them that he can do the job but Toby is not so easily convinced, so he goes with Walter in hopes of psyching some answers of him. Toby doesn’t exactly get answers, but he does make an unexpected discovery. Walter had been keeping Megan’s ashes in a coffee tin in his glove box!

But while Walter’s going a little crazy, Sylvester seems to be doing surprisingly well. He’s smiling and humming along to music and he’s really got Happy baffled. She asks how he could be so happy when Megan’s just died and he tells her that they were happy in the end. He tells her that while they only had a short time together, they didn’t waste any of their moments. The camera pans to Happy, who seems to process these words and clearly has something (someone) on her mind, but brushes it off.

At the dam, the usual series of unfortunate events begins. Came is left dangling precariously off the sheer side of the dam with water about to burst out of it, Happy gets sucked down into the water and must be rescued (which she is, and she wakes up to Toby staring at her with relief and longing), they build a tsunami bomb (which almost fails), and they have get the entire city to shut off all their power. This step is completed thanks to Ralph, who once again steps in to save the day. That kid’s really becoming an asset to Scorpion, I’d really like to see more of his work on cases.

The dam issue was relatively easy to solve and the case itself seemed a little sort, perhaps on the underwhelming side in comparison to their last few, but it’s ok because they needed the extra time to hit on the key ending scenes.
Once back at the garage, the team celebrates in a little Christmas Eve fun, but is interrupted by a phone call saying that Walter had won his grant money. While normally this would excite a person, Walter is thrown into a breakdown as he realizes that money could have saved Megan but just came too late. Add a voicemail from Paige’s ex/Ralph’s father and you’ve got one emotionally overstimulated Walter. Paige goes over to him and comforts him with a very sweet and very genuine hug, and Walter decides he doesn’t want to take the money.

Instead, he decides to launch the rocket he had been building for the grant to give Megan a proper send off. The team heads down to the beach and Walter explains that Megan will be among the stars now, and Sylvester tells Walter that they are brothers now. Queue the warm fuzzy emotional feelings!

And speaking of feelings, Happy has some that she wants to get off her chest. She tells Toby that earlier Sly told her not to waste any moments in life, and that in the wake of her almost-death, she didn’t want to wait anymore. She invites Toby to kiss her, and Toby responds with an adorable eager giddiness that melts my heart. They embrace in an adorable, yet equally very hot kiss and both are left in endless smiles.

And Quintis isn’t the only ship that gets a moment. The episode ends with Paige inviting Walter to take her hand, and as he does they exchange a soft, knowing look.

This was a good episode for the ships and a nice, fluffy ending to a rather dramatic few episodes. It was nice that Scorpion finally got a little peace, especially for Christmas. Quintis is coming along (FINALLY), and Waige is progressing without much issue. That said, that message from Drew that Walter decided to keep from Paige will surely come up again, and we can only guess that it’s not going to be pretty when it does.

But for now, let’s not worry about what’s to come. Let us just enjoy the adorable moments we got in this episode, because we can be sure that we’ll be going back to more painful emotions after the break.

This was a good episode for our team and a beautiful send off for 2015!