Creature Caster is a miniatures manufacturer with a history of creating high quality resin cast miniatures, often heavily inspired by Citadel’s lines of miniatures. When one browses the catalog of creatures available on the Creature Caster website it is clear that many of the products available are meant as proxies for daemons from the Khorne, Slaanesh, Nurgle, and Tzeentch lore of Warhammer’s various franchises. A few days ago they announced that they will be adding a new miniature to their already expansive line of minis. The new miniature is called “King of Ecstasy”, and is clearly modeled after the Slaaneshi daemons from Warhammer lore.


Source: Here he is in all his demonic glory.

King of Ecstasy will most likely be around 13.5cm in height, around the same as some of their other larger demon creatures. It could be used as a stand in for a the Keeper of Secrets model by Citadel. Both feature a somewhat goat like appearance in their face, both have multiple limbs, although the King of Ecstasy has several more. Overall though, the Kind of Ecstasy is the more intimidating looking model, having a more demonic appearance to the Keeper’s more cenobite like aesthetic. If the demonic appearance of the King isn’t enough to frighten your enemies, then penis like protrusion from his pelvic armor might help do the trick.

By the way, King of Ecstasy is cheaper than the Keeper of Secrets, $109.00 USD vs $140.00 USD.

This model should be available for purchase by the time that this article is released, so go get it you filthy heretics!