Amazon is a top-rated and leading player in the eCommerce marketplace. It has now spread its wings into the gaming market by coming out with its first-ever free-to-play shooter game for PC. Well, if you are pinching yourself to confirm that you are not dreaming, then you should know that Amazon Game Studios has taken its baby steps into the PC gaming world through ‘Crucible’. Many avid PC gaming fans have turned to try their hand at bingo sites, as they did not have any new PC team shooters on the internet. They were looking to spend more time gambling and making use of the new no deposit bingo sites to try their luck out and to keep them entertained. Now, they can be doubly happy with the option to play the new shooting title from Amazon and gamble on the newly registered bingo websites.

Amazon Starts with a Big Shooter Game

The Crucible by Relentless Studios is an online team-based shooter game that has made its debut in May 2020. The eCommerce giant has been cautious with the development of this title, as it has worked on all the practical details to come out with an overwhelming shooting title for the gaming fans. This is a big-budget venture from the eCommerce giant gaming studio after being in the business since 2012. They have so far been developing small tablet titles that were released through their Android application store.

Amazon knows that it is entering a big gaming area that is already flooded with impressive titles like Overwatch, Fortnite, etc. This is why it has treated Crucible a bit differently by including the character levelling features seen in multiplayer battle titles with the third-person shooter gameplay. It looks like the company intends on making considerable strides in their gaming arena and wants to impress every player with quality content. 

What does Crucible Offer its Fans?

This Sci-Fi shooter game has drawn inspirations from famous team shooting titles like Dota 2, Overwatch, Apex Legends, and Fortnite. The final product has come out well and can become one of the most competitive games in this genre. There is great scope for Crucible in the eSports platform and can become a major player on Twitch. Different characters make their presence felt, and they come with special capabilities. They wanted to make the visuals bright, colourful, and detailed, and this is why they have come out with diverse, animated characters. They come with a broader mix of races, genders, and species. Some of the characters are Ajonah, a blue-coloured Avatar; summer, a flaming female warrior; Rahi, the jovial; etc.

Three different play modes are available for avid players to try. The Heart of the Hives is the name given to the first mode. Here, two teams of four each ballet against the AI enemies. Alpha Hunters, the second phase, puts two members in a team and allows a maximum of 8 teams. They battle against each other, and the last undefeated group is the winner of this round. The Harvest Command is the final round, and it has similarities with League of Legends 2 and Dota 2. Here, two teams, each consisting of 8 members pit against each other in an intriguing contest. Their goal is to collect ‘essence’. The one that is successful in doing it before the other is the winner.

Looks Good to Take on the Big Giants

The various modes available in the Crucible are sure to attract the attention of the PC shooter gaming lovers. It has all the elements and the features to attract streamers attention as well as professional players. It can catch a huge viewership slot on Twitch. With the brains behind Twitch also being part of the creative team of Crucible, there is no doubt that it can get the required marketing to stay on top of the competition.