This episode started out slowly. We are obviously in Tandy’s mind and someone is truly playing games with her attempting to find her weak points. She sees glimpses of him throughout the alternate realities she lives. In each she runs into Ty and he becomes her touch point and person that pulls her out of the reality. Ultimately her own strength is what brings her face to face with her tormentor, Andre. We come to find out the Andre, was somehow effected by the Roxon explosion on the same night Ty and Tandy were. His power is to feed off of the despair and hopelessness of others to soothe his own pain.

The use of music and the vinyl albums is a cool way of him using his power to look through and reconfigure the lives of the women that he takes. Music has continued to play a role is this show. At times it becomes another character, carrying much of the emotion and turmoil that the characters are feeling.

The show continues to use misdirection and episode ending twists to buoy episodes that at times can feel sluggish and flat. As this episode began to come to a close, I realized that it helped me to begin to like Tandy’s character more. Her strength and determination are her ultimate power. Unfortunately the demons of her past, pushing others away and believing that she cannot rely on anyone, except maybe Ty are what cause her downfall. I’m interested in seeing how she is pulled out of the situation she is in at the end of the episode.

Side note: I visited New Orleans a few years ago and it is an amazing city. Movies and TV shows often use the setting of the show or movie as a character, I feel like this is a definite missed opportunity for this show. I really want to see the city of New Orleans. They mentions aspects of the culture of the city, but if it were not for that this show could be taking place anywhere.