Swamp Thing 102 4

Swamp Thing, or as we knew him, Alec Holland. Photo courtesy of KSiteTV.

Please Keep In Mind That This Article Contains Potential Spoilers For “Worlds Apart” and Events That Occurred Prior

Well it didn’t take long to get a completely awesome scene with Swamp Thing did it? The whole last half with the sunken house was a tremendous set piece, and looked (for the most part) fantastic on screen. The visceral way in which Swamp Thing—or should I say Alec—tore apart our dumb as doornails thug was amazing. A true showcase of his power. Even better though, was the showcase of emotion that was able to be portrayed through ST’s suit. You could see the confusion, frustration, and anger all come through—and without hesitation you knew that is was Alec behind it all.

When it came to Abby, she spent the first section of the episode dealing with Alec’s death. While it was good to have her be human and process things, I was glad they they quickly gave her a reason to become distracted (if only because we know Alec is still alive, somewhat). Susie had escaped from the hospital! There is an odd connection between Susie (and likely the “virus” as a whole) and Swamp Thing—likely a big stepping stone into explaining the idea of The Green (see DC Comics). I am very curious as to how they will go about it, and how the intriguing concept will not only be explained to the audience, but how it will plays into the overall plot line. Madame Xanadu even expressly stated that there is a terrifying darkness at play. What could she be referring to? I doubt that she is referring to ol’ Swampy himself, seeing as he at a core level is probably on the lighter side of things. Whatever it is, it’s very likely an element of the virus that hasn’t yet been explained to us.

Swamp Thing 102 2

Abby investigating Alec Holland’s research. Photo courtesy of KSiteTV.

When it comes to those darker things, we got a look at one of our more sinister players this week. Avery got a lot of screen time as the show began to give us a glimpse at what’s going on with him. Unlike his wife, he has dealt with his grief in a far different manner, and seems on somewhat firmer feet. However, it’s not all good for him. We learn that he’s the one behind the accelerant concerns, and he is also trying to desperately cover it all up. I will admit that it’s a little eye roll worthy that his only motivation at the moment seems to be the highly original concept of monetization. Hopefully we get to explore more of what really makes the man tick.

As we were learning about Avery’s shady dealings, we were introduced to two new characters: Caroline and Jason Woodrue. They don’t seem particularly evil, even if they are the ones who created the accelerant. If anything, they seem like a neutral party simply doing what they want to do. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see these two end up on Abby’s side of the court. The two have a fun dynamic, and while this episode only skimmed the surface of what they have to offer, I look forward to how they fit into all the moving pieces.

Swamp Thing 102 1

Dr. Woodrue concerned for Avery’s trees. Photo courtesy of KSiteTV.

“Worlds Apart” offered up another great episode of Swamp Thing, making the sting of it’s early cancelation all the more painful. The pacing of the story is doing well so far, and the show doesn’t seem to be dragging its feet. I mean now Abby knows that the Swamp Thing is Alec, and that alone is a very exciting prospect to see play out (even if we all knew it was going to happen eventually). Hopefully next we’ll get some word on that darkness that is creeping closer and closer.


Bonus Notes:

  • The sets in the show look fantastic. However…the lighting can sometimes give away the fact that they are just that: sets.  Case in point is the sunken house in the last act.
  • I know the thug with the hook was a means to an end story wise, but I wish he didn’t come off as such a dumbass. The fact that they kind of shaved some logic off the top of the situation to get all of their pieces to the right spot showed.