June is going to get children out whether it kills her or not. She walks in on Commander and Mrs. Lawrence. In an act of nobility, Commander Lawrence tells June to leave so Mrs. Lawrence doesn’t shoot June too as she was holding a gun on Commander Lawrence.

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Serena and Commander Waterford are going on a trip. It has something to do with Nichole. Serena and Commander Waterford actually have a heartfelt discussion about where they are and where they were. Serena seems to be half falling in love with Commander Waterford again and still half resentful.

Four Martha’s come to Commander Lawrence’s home without him knowing to talk to June and put her in her place. They threaten to block her rescue mission. One of the Martha’s in Commander Lawrence’s household vouched for June and the Martha’s conceded their permission. The next morning Mrs. Lawrence didn’t eat her breakfast. This caused June to go look for Commander Lawrence only to find that both had left leaving behind a single word note. “Sorry”.

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Eventually Commander Lawrence come back. It turns out he can’t leave at all. They changes some of the protocol. June makes a visit to the Jezebels. She finds Billy and asks for his help. Unfortunately High Commander Winslow was there also. About a minute into that scene I quit watching for a chunk.

When I returned to the show, Commander Waterford and Serena meet up with someone. The man says there is somewhere safe up ahead so the Waterford’s follow him but the drive is a bit of a distance. What happened from there surprised the hell out of me.

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What happened to June that she was covered in bruises when I next see her? Why are “They” coming for Commander Lawrence and June? What happened to the Waterford’s? Let me know what you find out in the comments below. Til next week…