It’s no secret that the Supernatural Family is a retail force to be reckoned with, and that we all love our nerdy merchandise. If you need ideas for the obsessed fan in YOUR life, or you just want some fun new stuff, check out the list below!

1. A Coloring Book For the Friend That Needs to De-Stress After A Long Day of Salting and Burning

I own the first original coloring book, and not only does it have some seriously high quality paper, there are photos of every page that you can use for reference, or just to look at this beautiful cast! Get the original here and the monster one here.

2. Determine Who is the *Most* Knowledgeable Friend in Your Fandom Family or Check Out a New Card Game.



Trivial Pursuit is always a fun game and with the game being so compact, you can take it with you to all your conventions and watch parties! Get trivial pursuit here and Save Your Soul here

If you’re looking for more traditional ways to play, you can get Supernatural Monopoly here and Supernatural Clue here

3.A Book Written in Part by the Cast About How Much Supernatural and Found Family Means to Them

Look, it’s no secret how much this cast and show means to fans, just go on tumblr or Google “SPN Family” and you’ll find tons of charity drives, fan art and fan fiction, and even a crisis support network for fans in distress; but reading about how much this family means to the actors on the show will warm the heart of even the most jaded fan. Buy it here.

4. A Blu-Ray Box Set of the First 12 Seasons

Grab what will surely end up being only the first half of the series box set when all is said and done (24 seasons is reasonable, right?) for the fan who doesn’t have Netflix or likes the feeling of holding it in their paws. Get it here.

  1. A Supernatural Comforter and Sheet Set, to Lay Your Weary Head to Rest.

What better after a long day of hunting than to crawl into your demon proof bed and sleep with the knowledge that nothing can possess you? Or hell, to not get out of bed while you binge-watch Team Free Will save people and hunt things? Get the comforter here and the microfiber sheet set here 

6) Some Jewelry For The Angel in Your Life


Not all angels have wings, as we all know. Why not grab some jewelry for the Cas fan in your life? Grab the necklaces here, multiple pendant necklace here and snag some Castiel hoop earrings here 

If you are more into the hunters style, grab some Jerk/Bitch bracelet here.

7.) A Backpack to Carry All Their Gear


Whether they’re carrying salt and iron or books, every Supernatural fan needs somewhere to stash their gear. Get the Cas bag here or the symbols bag here. Bonus buy: grab a snazzy wallet here!

8.) Some Candles to Calm Any Demons That May Be Possessing You


Burn them for a séance, or a bubble bath, either way these candles will help you soothe the demons inside. Get the anti-possession candle here and the four pack here 

8.) Some Mug Shot Ear Buds or Over the Ear Phones to Jam Out to Their New Zep Mixtape


…Or secretly rock it to Taylor Swift, we won’t judge. Grab the buds here and the headphones here.

9.) A Supernaturally Beautiful Eyeshadow Palette

Ignore Dean, and get your pretty on. 🙂  buy it here

10.) A Pretty Teal Dress to Wear to All Your Hunter Gatherings


It’s cute, it’ll keep you from getting possessed, and most importantly, IT HAS POCKETS!! Comes in XS-3X get it here

 11) A Nightlight Because There’s a Reason We’re Afraid of The Darkness

It’s customizable and handmade wood. Buy it here 

12) A Print That Has Three Masterpieces in One

Does it get any better than Dean and Baby on a Starry Night? I submit that it cannot, unless you factor in the fact that you can buy this print starting as low at $8.00 here.

13) A T-Shirt For Your Favorite SuperPotterhead

From the Boy Who Lived to The Guys That Won’t Stay Dead, honor both your fandoms at once! Sizes from S-3X with different color options, this is the perfect shirt, Always. Buy it here 

14) A Window Decal to Show The World Who Their Family Is

Made from iconic Supernatural symbols and showing the true message of this long-running show, this window decal comes in several colors and is the perfect stocking stuffer. Grab one here 

15) A Mug Because No Hunter Goes Without a Pick-Me-Up


There are literally hundreds of different mugs out there if these aren’t your cup of tea… but snag the sayings mug here and the I Love Cas mug here 


Now that you’ve gotten the best gear for your Supernatural fan, why not give them the BEST gift and curl up, turn on Netflix, and start the hunt with them?