It’s not often that I find a mobile game worth playing for hours on end. I mean no offense to those that develop mobile games, they just aren’t usually my cup of tea. With my main genre being farming simulators, one would think I enjoy games like Farmville and other tap tap games to be stimulating or even exciting. However, the only poking game I’ve ever actually enjoyed was Island Paradise, and after today I can add one more to the list Deiland.


Source: Chibig

To be honest, I never even knew Deiland was a mobile game. I’ve heard that it’s on Steam and the PlayStation 4 but, when I found it on Google Play, I was ecstatic. For those who have never heard of it, Deiland is a sandbox RPG that focuses on the adventure of Arco, the youngest intergalactic prince on the tiniest planet. His goal is to make Deiland flourish via farming, fishing, hunting, and crafting. Aside from making Deiland the most bountiful planet in the galaxy, Arco must also harness the energy of crystals found buried within the planet. I know it sounds like Arco is just recreating Sedona, Arizona but I promise his mission is honorable. Plus, the interstellar traders he encounters are splendid and peddle some interesting wares.


Source Chibig

When I first heard about Deiland, I knew it for the stunning graphics and unique story line. I was curious to see how the graphics would carry over to this platform. With this itch burrowing into my mind, I took the plunge and downloaded it. after hearing more about Arco and his purpose on Deiland, I was immediately thrust into game play. I was to build tools, grow wheat and trees, as well as build a fire. At first, it was slow going but once I got into the groove of things, I found myself in a trance. Fighting slimes, avoiding meteors as the destroyed my crops, I even met a few interesting shop keeps. It wasn’t until my phone almost died that I realized I had played for several hours.


Source: Screenshot of Deiland

The graphics were similar to what I had witnessed on the PlayStation 4 trailer, minus a few details, however, it wasn’t too noticeable. The music was calming, and I found playing Deiland to be a pleasurable experience. My only real quarrel is the inability to see how much damage I’m taking from my enemies and how to restore my health aside from making a fire in the pit. Overall, I like the mechanics, character interactions, and a variety of quests I was offered. These missions are in the form of “wishes” and made me feel like Arco had a say in what occurs on his planet.


Source: Chibig

Overall, Deiland on mobile was more enjoyable than I had envisioned. I was initially disappointed that I was unable to play in on a larger screen however, I feel that is unnecessary. I wasn’t pestered to use real money to buy anything, like the great cow incident of 2019, and I felt that Chibig took great care in insuring that this game is the exact same on every console. In the end, Deiland is beautiful, peaceful, and trance-inducing. I look forward to spending many hours between classes helping Arco craft the perfect world.