Continuing with my series on game emulators for Macintosh, focusing on PSP games running under the multiple game system emulator OpenEmu, I am going to wrap up this section with an overview of PSP Mini games.

The PSP Mini format was developed by SONY between 2009-2015 in order to develop a portable format for games that could be downloaded and played by multiple systems. Systems supported included the PSP, Playstation Vita, PS/3, and PlaystationTV.

Generally the smaller format made the games involved in the PSP Mini format handicapped on size as opposed to the larger UMD PSP format. However, a number of developers have made compelling PSP Mini games that fit into the smaller format.

This week, we’ll look at a series of games that fit the bill, and will run right on your Mac with OpenEmu (under the PSP section).

Hero Of Sparta

This is a fun isometric / 3D shooter along the lines of Metal Slug. In this game, you play a Spartan fighter facing a supernatural horde.

Hysteria 2

 A horror game, where you have to escape an ax-wielding maniac in a spooky location. Gameplay is much improved over the first iteration; this game has more of a Myst feel to it, albeit with much more gore involved 🙂

Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess

In this game, you play as a cartoon vampire looking to rescue your sweetie from a group of nasty monsters.   A nice take on a Mario Bros. run-and-jump game, with updated, fun graphics.

Ducati Racing

Motorbike racing, arcade-style. Visually interesting, with strong graphics and design.


Nice puzzle-style action game. You have to stop a group of soldiers who want to advance across your field, using upgradable gun turrets you can place anywhere on the battlefield.

Age Of Hammer Wars

Cool platformer with a steampunk feel. You play a kind of steam-powered flying bucket, with hammers attached, using physics to wage war across the battlefield.


Fun endless-platformer. You play a character lost in an endless side-scrolling maze, running and jumping to avoid traps to stay alive. 

Zombie Tycoon

A rare 3D action game for this format, you play a wacky mad scientist striving to create a horde of zombies to destroy a peaceful little town.

Pix’n Love Rush

Like Pac-Man on acid, this trippy, glowy platformer really shines in the graphics department.

Where Is My Heart

Platform-based monster-hunter game, with interesting cartoon-style graphics.

This is a snapshot view of 8 of the better PSP Mini games developed over the lifetime of the platform.  Look for these games on download sites.  Enterprising readers can see if Playstation Store downloaded versions of games can result in game files you can add to OpenEmu through a USB stick. Another strategy is to see if one of these interesting games has a port for another device you already have…