Welcome back you guys to another Overwatch Tips. Today I am proud to introduce the huntress herself, Widowmaker. A hero with a ginormous skill ceiling. But if you are one of the few that can make plays with Widow, you will be unstoppable. Let’s go!

Grappling Hook

So this is one of Widow’s most important tool in her kit. Not only is it a means of escape when you’re being targeted by the enemy team, but you can use it to get in high enough perches that they might not expect you to be. Also, a well timed jump will fling you in the air to get a glance at the enemy team or get a cheeky elim.

Venom Mine

As of recent, venom mine has become a very intriguing ability. Not only will it do gradual damage to whoever triggers it, but it will also reveal their location to you. So hunting them down becomes a little easier. Placing these behind where you might be camping or near high traffic areas will give you the most success.

Overwatch- Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch- Blizzard Entertainment


Where you might want to be as Widowmaker is high up and behind your team. Having the high ground will give you an advantage especially if the enemy team is not paying attention to you. And you should never be leading your team into a fight because by yourself, your odds are very slim. Bonus tip: If on attack on maps like Watchpoint: Gibraltar, going high up and picking off healers and DPS will make that first point a piece of cake if you can connect shots.


Widowmaker is ideal when picking off most healers and DPS because of their low health, but sometimes when heroes like Genji, D.VA, or Winston focus in one you it can be a hassle. Genji can deflect your shot right back at you and kill you instantly so you must be careful when you aim at Genji. D.VA and Winston can also reach most places you are so they will try to dive on you and both have means of protection so watch for them as well. You might be able to avoid this by changing sniping spots so you are more unpredictable.

I hope some of these tips helped, Widowmaker is a very skill based hero and you can really only succeed if you have the aim and flicks for it. But with lots of practice you’ll be able to actually become a Widowmaker main which in my opinion is a very high honor. Until next time guys, see ya!