As we inch closer to 2020 more and more is slowly getting revealed about the next season of Westworld. Frankly, considering the long wait we’ll take whatever we can get.

The Wrap reported last week that season 3 will be eight episodes instead of the normal ten. However, there’s no word yet on how long each episode will be. While there may be fewer episodes, there’s still a very good chance the episodes themselves could run longer, similar to what Game of Thrones did this past season.

westworld 17


Speaking last year, the show’s creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy revealed they’ve been planning season three’s storyline since they were writing the pilot episode. Joy in particular had this to say about the upcoming season:

“The great thing about season 3 is, when we were writing the pilot, the major storyline for season 3 was already something that we had talked about nonstop…We’ve been waiting to get to this place and now that we’ve arrived here, we already have a very strong idea of exactly where we want to go and we can’t wait to go there.”

Based off Joy’s comments, to me there doesn’t seem to be much harm in having two fewer episodes. In fact, it might actually be a benefit considering the first two seasons were overly complex. Having a more a succinct story would be a welcome change of pace and if the two have planned this far ahead from the beginning then there’s no need to drag it out for two more episodes if its not needed.

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